Mille x My Little Pony Lipstick & Liquid Lip Color

I was walking around the Big C Supercenter in Ratchadamri Bangkok when I saw the Mille store. Actually, what caught my eye were the posters of My Little Pony outside lol. I was looking for a pasalubong for my goddaughter, and she's obsessed with My Little Pony. I thought the store was a toy store, but to my delight, Mille is actually a makeup brand!

So, yes, I bought these lipsticks mainly so I can taunt my goddaughter with it lmao I didn't know anything about the brand — except for the fact that it's a local Thailand brand — but I bought a couple of lipsticks anyway. When I bought these, they had a promotion going on, that when you buy two lipsticks, you get it for only 499baht instead of 598baht. :)

The Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Liquid Lip in Princess Luna retails for 299baht. I love this. The formula is very runny, and it literally goes on like a lipgloss. I have to be careful when taking out the applicator because it has the tendency to drip — it's that runny. It dries completely matte, and it's not drying whatsoever. I think this is my absolute favorite formula for a liquid lipstick. I find it even better than the Kat Von D ones!! And those were my favorite!

The KVD ones are much more superior when it comes to longevity though. The Mille liquid lipstick, while has a matte finish, is still quite creamy so it will come off when you eventually have to eat/drink.

The Mille x My Little Pony Wonderful Lip Color in Fluttershy costs 299baht. It kind of reminds me of MAC's Cremesheen formula, except a little less shiny, more matte. I hate MAC Cremesheens, so this is kind of a step up of that formula.

Most of the time, I find that moisturizing lipsticks tend to slides off my lips, but this one doesn't. It stays on, until, well, you have to eat, then it would actually disappear.. What I do, though, is I blot the lipstick right after application so it would appear to be more matte. I find that when I do that, it stays on my lips longer.

The lighting in the store wasn't the best, so when I got back to the hotel, I could do nothing but laugh when I saw that the two lipsticks that I bought were almost the same shade just with different finishes lol.

Princess Luna (left) hasn't completely dry yet in the swatch, but the color remains the same when it dries down — very nice warm reddish brown. While Fluttershy (right) is a bit darker (I know, surprisingly), and has a bit more warmth to it.

I noticed that local Thai brands lean more into warm-toned browns/red, and I love it!! Those are my kind of shades, and up to now, I'm kicking myself in the head for not buying/trying more local brands! I heard many good things about the brand Mistine :( They aren't very expensive as well! Oh well, maybe next time I'll focus more on makeup instead of hoarding clothes?? ;)

Have you tried any Thai makeup brands? :)



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