I missed out when one of my favorite Youtube person, Fleur De Force was also a MAC Maker back in 2017.  I wasn't expecting that I would be able to get it since it was a UK exclusive shade; but I was still gutted that I didn't get my hands on it. 

So, although I'm not the most die-hard fan of Maine Mendoza (as in, I didn't follow her career back when Aldub was a hit, but I've always though she's very beautiful and smart), I knew I didn't want to miss out on this launch. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting that I would be able to actually buy one! I was just at the mall because of my dog's scheduled grooming, so I thought ay wala talagang chance lol. 

But lo and behold, at around 11:15AM, I was looking for a 4U2 counter, when I chanced upon the MAC counter inside the SM department store (which I didn't know existed!); and THERE. WAS. NO. LINE. There were A LOT of lipsticks left, which I was surprised to see. The SA told me that apparently, people didn't know that there's a MAC counter there, so most of them went to the bigger store which was the one across H&M.

The MAC x Maine Mendoza lipstick is aptly called MaineDCM, which is, of course, the name of her social media handle. The lipstick has a matte finish, and the shade, a nice, muted true nude with a sliiiiiight hint of a pink undertone. I expected it to be a darker nude, though. Or a red. The lipstick costs P1100. :)

I haven't bought anything from MAC in so long, so it was jarring to smell that distinct vanilla smell from MAC lipstick again. Definitely a "trip down the memory lane" moment.

I've always loved MAC matte formula; but after years of trying out other brands, I realized their formula isn't really anything special. Some shades don't last very long, it also can go pretty patchy. Over the years, I have found that there are better matte lipstick formula out there — ie Burberry Lip Velvet, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford Matte Lip Color, even Colourpop Matte X! MAC was once the frontrunner when it comes to matte lipstick formulas, but sadly, I think they have been dethroned by other brands. Which is why, honestly, I probably wouldn't keep this lipstick..

It's a great classic shade though, and still worth your money. If you can get your hands on it, at least ;)

If MAC Cherish & MAC Half n Half had a baby, it would be MAC Mainedcm. Initially I thought it's a perfect mix of MAC Brave & MAC Faux; but Faux is pretty pink, Brave is definitely on the purple-y pinkier side. Cherish & Half n Half are the definitely the two shades you'd mix if you miss out on this lipstick.

The shade is gorgeous, and would have suited a wide range of people with different skin colors (I'm a NC25-30, for the record). It's a "safe" shade of nude — not overly dark, and not pa-cute/pabebe pink. It's a nude best suited for a more mature age range, in my opinion. (As in not for teeny boppers!)

The MAINEDCM is the kind of nude that I would have loved back in 2012-2013. I rock those pink nudes like no other lmao. Unfortunately, not so much now since I now prefer darker, more brown nude shades. It's comes with aging, I think. I used to think my titas were weird when they wear those brown and/or dark reds lipsticks, but now I understand why haha!

I see the lipstick being sold on Shopee now, and people have been selling it from P1500-P1900! If you're a fan of Maine Mendoza, it's probably worth a splurge since it is a limited edition shade. But,  you know, it's a dupeable shade, so... I mean, Velvet Teddy is also pretty close to it! 



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