The Empties # 7

I've been feeling really good about myself, because I'm actually finishing things instead of buying more stuff I don't need then letting them expire inside my drawer. My 7th empties post! Can you believe it!

* I didn't include the lipsticks here anymore because technically, they weren't finished up, they were all just expired lol

The Face Shop Watery Tint in 05 Racing Pink - I loved this tint, probably one of the best tints I've ever used. Very, very pigmented, last all day long, nice variety of shades to boot. Great to use on the cheeks as well. 

Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow - Bought this because of the raves on this one makeup community on Facebook, but I HATED THIS SO MUCH. I used it thrice, and now I'm trashing it.

Replicate Nectarine Blossom - A great, cheap dupe for Jo Malone's Nectarine Honey and Blossom. Cheap as well, I think it was about P250?

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo - The only think I liked about this is that it's unscented. I find that I need to spray so much product on my hair before it would actually absorbs the oils on my hair. It's not very cheap as well, I think I got this small bottle for $5.99 (to be fair, I bought mine at the CVS near Disneyland LA, so.. I think it's just like, half the price of that usually). Batiste Dry Shampoo is just miles better than this.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation - I blogged about this before, and I actually really liked it. It just oxidize like crazy, which is why I wasn't able to finish this bottle.

I can't remember how much these were, but aside from the Senkai facial wash, all these were bought in Hong Kong, and they were mostly under 25HKD. Pretty cheap which is why I usually hoard tubes of facial washes when I'm there :-) But because I'm not really familiar with what I'm buying, sometimes - or honestly, most of the time - they don't really work for my skin. So, these 5 are all used to clean my makeup brushes, and they're great for that naman.

Mandom Facial Foam Collagen - I love the scent of this cleanser, but that's just it haha. This dried out my skin like crazy! It's great to use as a cleanser for my synthetic brushes, though!

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 in Acerola - This was the first TFS Herb Day cleanser that I ever bought, and it was actually pretty okay. It cleansed my face well, but yes, it was a bit drying.  This was only 15HKD, so very much a bargain. I ran out of my makeup brush cleaner, so I used this cleanser to clean my makeup brushes one day, and it worked really well for that!

Senkai Perfect Whip - When my family and I were in Taiwan last year, we bought like, 25 tubes of this because it was on sale and was really cheap. Converted to pesos, if I remember correctly, it was only P150 per tube. My skin didn't really care for this at all, but it was a great makeup brush cleaner :P

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 in Peach - This one I actually used for my face, and liked it. It's a bit drying, and reminiscent of Pond's facial wash, but it works on me. I do like the lemon variant way better for my face, though.

Kumano Tsubaki Extra Rich Washing Foam - I honestly hate this for my face, probably the worst I've ever tried. I know Tsubaki (camelia flower) is very popular to use for your hair, so I thought, well, maybe it would be nice for my skin as well? But it wasn't. You only need a tiny amount of this because it lathers very well, but it leaves kind of a film on my skin, and it felt very "suffocating"  even after thoroughly washing it off.



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