Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation in 2WO

Oh, look, another Dior foundation.... I mean, you know I'm a sucker for Dior foundations haha I still think their foundations are super underrated in the beauty community!

The Dior Face and Body Foundation retails for $40/50ml. My sister bought mine in Singapore though, so the price was a little bit more steep. It was 70SGD after tax, so roughly about $50 if converted.

Just like the Dior Forever Undercover foundation, this one comes in a plastic packaging as well. It actually reminds me of the MAC Face and Body Foundation — they also both have 50ml of product!

To be honest, I find the bottle quite cheap looking lol I do like it because you can easily bring it when you travel without having the need to worry about breakage. 

It has a tip nozzle, which I actually found to be not quite  as leak-proof as I want it to be. The first time I opened the bottle, a bit of foundation leaked out from the nozzle.. probably because my sister had this stored in her check-in baggage. The content did not leak out of the the cap, though, so that's still a plus, I guess.

I did know what shade to buy initially, since I haven't seen a lot of reviews or swatches for the foundation, so I just hazard a guess... they have 40 different shades available, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I got mine in the shade 2WO, which thankfully worked out just fine.

I, however, did not expect the swatch of the Dior Face and Body Foundation in 2WO to be a bit darker than both the Dior Forever in 21 Linen & the Dior Forever Undercover in 21 Linen because they all look very similar once applied on my face.

It's probably because the Dior Face and Body Foundation is a lot more fluid compared to the two other foundations, so it adapted well on my skin color despite it being a little bit darker in comparison. Not quite sure, but that's my guess.

See how natural this foundation looks? According to the box, you can apply this foundation in three ways. Light nude coverage (1 layer, and when applied using fingers), Medium Coverage (2 layers, applied using a flat brush), and a Full Perfection Coverage (3 layers, applied using a round brush).

In my opinion, 3 layers of any foundation is an overkill. 

In the photos above, I did not use any concealer to cover my under eye circles and any redness on my face. I only used one layer, and it was applied using just my fingers.

In the video that I embedded below, I said that when I applied the foundation using my fingers, I found it quite streaky. I wore this foundation a couple of times more, and tried applying it with fingers again, and noticed that when I work in small areas, I get a better finish. Which I think is great, again, for traveling, because it eliminates the need to bring a sponge or a brush!

Applying using just fingers is a nice option, but I personally still really like the foundation better when applied with a sponge because it doesn't look as matte as compared to when I used my fingers or a brush. It looks a lot more natural when I use a Beauty Blender. 

I find it to be very similar to my HG Dior Nude Air Serum, but the Dior Face and Body just has a thicker formula. Both foundations ticked my foundation checklist really well: light weight, matte, long lasting, won't separate on my skin, won't cling on the sides of my nose. I did oil up when I used this, but I don't find that a downside anymore because the weather right now is crazy humid.

This foundation has a nice, matte finish; but do be aware that the third ingredient of this foundation is ALCOHOL, so if you're acne-prone, better stay away from this one.

I also did a First Impression video on Youtube if you like videos better than reading blogs:



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