Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimension Powder in Medium Brown

I've been using the ABH Brow Duo in Medium Brown for a good while now, and while I do love how long lasting that product is, I wanted a more pigmented eyebrow powder. ABH products are also made in China (Made in PRC is what they put on their packaging), so if you're wary of that.... take note.

The Kat Von D Brow Struck Dimension Powder in Medium Brown ($20) is a "long-wear, waterproof brow powder infused with light-catching 3D pigments for realistic dimension and volume." It contains shimmers which mimics how hair looks like so it would look like you have naturally fuller brows.

I was quite hesitant to buy this because of the said shimmers, but when I read reviews, there were nothing but praises so I bought it anyway lol

(And then I found out all about Kat Von D's shady ways, but that's another story for later..... Also, sorry, but I will still continue using this product (and all my other KVD makeup) because I can't afford to not use them!! So wasteful! )

This photo doesn't accurately show the color of Medium Brown, but I posted it anyway so you can see the shimmers that I'm talking about.

The packaging is similar to all KVD's other packagings — matte black plastic with gothic scripts. It's very thin, lightweight, and pretty sturdy so it's great to pack when you travel. This has 1.5 grams vs ABH Duo Powder's 1.6 grams ($23).

As said in the website, Medium Brown is best suited for light to medium brown hair; it's (surprisingly) dark brown with an olive undertone. You can definitely see the shimmers on the pan and when you swatch it, but I didn't actually notice the shimmers when it was on my brows.

I also noticed that the color swatch seems familiar to me, I just couldn't remember what eyeshadow it was. Later that night, I brought out all my eyeshadow pans, and swatched what I thought were closest to the shade, and ta-da! It was the Urban Decay Dark Horse. The UD one is just a lot more pigmented, and also has more glitters.

With that, I suppose you can use the KVD as an all over eyeshadow in a pinch. 

you can see the progression of tiredness on my face in these photos lol

So I wore this for a total of 9 and a half hours, and my brows are still intact. It didn't smudge or fade, and it lasted allll day, it's crazy! Granted it's not as hot in the Philippines anymore nowadays, but my foundation was struggling like heck while my brows were still on point!

It has great pigmentation, but it's not too much to the point were you'd get blocky eyebrows when you over-do it. It's definitely a game changer for me!

I never really jumped into the pomade bandwagon, and prefer powders over eyebrow pencils... and this one is pretty much the best brow product I've ever tried.

According to KVD's website, this product is also vegan and cruelty free. :)



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