*Althea Bare Essential Skin Care Line

Althea kindly sent me their new skin care line: The Bare Essentials so I can review it for you! All the three products in the line is just under Php1500, and if you scoop up all three, you'd get 10% off the total! 

Before I start reviewing the line, note that I stopped using all my (key) skin care while I was using this for a week — basically the retinoid and the squalene oil. But by the end of the first week, I felt like my skin was really missing the retinoid, so I incorporated that back again. I still haven't touched the squalene oil, as I don't think I needed it as much as I did before!

Contour Cleanser (Php300/150ml)

Because I have a staple cleanser that I use in the morning, I used the Contour Cleanser solely at night. The cleanser is thick (pretty thick that I always had a hard time squeezing it out of the tube), and when mixed with water, very foamy.

My favorite cleanser, the Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam, despite the name, doesn't really foam at all lol. So using the Contour Cleanser was a bit jarring. I'm not a fan of foaming cleanser mostly because they're so drying. I do love how it has a nice, cooling sensation that makes you feel refreshed which is a nice feeling especially after a long, hot day.

I have to say, this cleanser is best used with the Primer Water, you can ready why below..

Primer Water (Php550/200ml)

To be honest, when I started using the BE line, this one was my least favorite among the three as I  thought it wasn't doing anything. Maybe I'm just so used to Western toners, that when I use Korean ones, I don't think they're as effective. But I've learned that they are effective; they're just more hydrating, less drying (due to the lack of alcohol)... which is actually better for your skin!

Both the Althea Primer Water and the Klairs toner work pretty much the same way: they hydrate the skin, and they prime the face to make the rest of your skincare routine work better.

I skipped using the Primer Water for a couple of days (mostly to see what would happen), and interestingly, I found the cleanser really stripping without the Primer Water. The cleanser was drying my skin like no other, so I quickly started using the Primer Water again. I felt like the toner helped to balance the PH level of my skin.

Together, the two were amazing. Alone, not so much. (SO BASICALLY: buy the whole line because they work best together lol)

Fixer Cream (Php640/50ml)

This is, hands down, my favorite among the three. Lately, my skin had been feeling really dehydrated, so I was looking for a heavier moisturizer than what I have been using (Onsaeemin Perfect Moisture Cream). Surprisingly, even though the Fixer Cream is very rich, it still felt lightweight. I'm used to water-based moisturizers (Belif True Aqua Bomb is my HG!), but the Fixer Cream sinks in my skin very easily, and does not leave a greasy feeling. 

Upon waking up, my skin feels SO NICE. I felt like their 24-hour hydration claim is most definitely true — my skin feels super smooth and supple. And despite it being a heavy moisturizer, I didn't break out from using it! My skin really, really loved this cream. 

I'm not too fond of the smell, though. The first time I opened the tub, I was immediately transported back to my childhood because it smells exactly like my grandfather's hair pomade! After a week, I think my nose had gotten used to the smell already that it didn't really quite bother me anymore. I still wish the cream was fragrance-free.

In conclusion:

The Bare Essentials line is basically the bare minimum — the three products are a very good stepping stone to build up your skin care routine. If hydration is your only problem, lucky for you, because this skin care line is great for that!

Personally, I think, say, if you have problematic skin, then your skin would benefit if you add an essence or serum to combat your acne. If you have acne marks, you won't find anything in the BE line that would help lighten your scars, so it would be nice to incorporate Niacinimide or Vitamin C somewhere. Or if you want to start using anti-aging products, add a serum with retinoids.

I still like this skin care line, and would continue using all three until I finish them. I would definitely repurchase the fixer cream and (probably) the primer water. The BE line really did help hydrate my skin, and now I feel like it's a lot softer and bouncier; but because I have really problematic skin, I just needed more. So personally, I'll continue using my retinoid, and incorporate Alpha Arbutin (Niacinimide or Vit C) back to my routine.

As I've said, the three products are a great base to use as a foundation for your skin care routine, it's just up to you if you want to add more if you feel like your skin still needs help.

*products were sent by Althea, all opinions are of my own.



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