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A week ago, my high school friends and I went to Taipei. It was already my 4th time in Taipei, so I was "assigned" to do our city itinerary. To be perfectly honest, I was...... too lazy to do the itinerary hahahahahahahaha So, since I've always wanted to experience a walking tour abroad, instead of configuring the day myself, I decided to book us the likeitformosa free historic walking tour.

The historic walking tour includes:
  • Longshan Temple 
  • Bopiliao Historical Block 
  • Ximen Red House 
  • Presidential Office 
  • 228 Peace Memorial Park

Pretty simple itinerary, and I'm 1000% sure you could do it on your own! But booking the tour was definitely one of the best decision we made during our trip!

We met with our tour guides, Han & Ashley, in front of the Longshan Station Exit 1 at 10am. Aside from my friends, there were three other people in the group.

We started the tour by introducing ourselves - always awkward - then we walked towards the Longshan Temple (located a minute away from the MRT exit). 

For some reasons, we just breezed through the Bopiliao Historical Block

We also went through a couple of stores including a tea house which I forgot to take photos of (the mint tea was delicious, and I'm still kicking myself in the head for not buying a pack), a store that sells pork floss, and an ice cream shop. 

The ice cream shop we visited was, apparently, the first ice cream shop in Taipei. I couldn't find anything about it online, to be honest. The results I kept getting were all about Snow King? Anyway, the ice cream was really good (or at least ones I tasted but mainly the passionfruit and the peanut!) More watery than creamy (kind of like our own dirty ice cream/sorbetes), but hey, it was only 40TWD for 3 scoops.

Then we walked to Ximending to visit the famous Red House Theater. At the south side of the building, you'll see many bars with pride flags proudly displayed in front. Apparently, the area is "known as a trendy gathering spot for the LGBT community".

Fun fact: Taipei is the one of the most gay friendly city in Asia! The city holds the biggest annual gay parade every October. 🏳️‍🌈

We took a 25-minute break at a cafe afterwards, then continued walking towards our next stop which was:

The Presidential Office Building. Here, our tour guides gave us a brief background of Taiwan,  which was eerily similar to our own's.

Btw, adjacent to the building is the Bank of Taiwan aka the only bank that would exchange your Philippine Peso to TWD. 

I didn't have any photos at the 228 Peace Memorial Park because Ashley was telling us about the history of the place, and I felt like it wasn't really appropriate to take out my phone to take some photos. (I'm not going to share whatever they told us just in case you decide to take this tour as well.)

The last stop actually includes the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, but our guides bid goodbye to us at the gate, so we just explored on our own.

The walking tour was supposed to only last for 2.5 hours, but ours was almost 4 hours long. Even our guides were surprised by how late is was already (which was probably the reason why they didn't come inside the CKS Hall - or maybe it's because of the story they told us at the 228 Peace Memorial Park hmm)

The tour is, as the name implies, free of charge, but of course tips are always welcome. If ever you decide to go and book this walking tour, I sincerely hope you get Ashley & Han because both of them were really smart, and made the whole tour so much more memorable.

Bonus photos of my friends and I sitting on the ground of the CKS Memorial Hall, too tired to walk around lol:

*photos were mostly stolen from my friends*

I think I'll do a Taiwan Budget Breakdown 2018 after this post. I'm pretty sure I spent more than what I spent last year lol but it was well worth it!

Also: black floor lamp 😅

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