Dior Forever Undercover Foundation in 21 Linen

I don't get kilig very often nowadays, but I just did (and squealed loudly!) when I received the Dior Forever Undercover Foundation ($52) in the mail!! I've waited for almost a month to get it, and it was so, so worth the wait.

Unlike all the other foundation from Dior, this one is housed not in a glass bottle, but in a plastic tube. It also has a nozzle in place of a pump — very similar to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I thought the plastic aspect of the packaging would cheapen its look somehow, but I liked it. 

It's definitely a great foundation to travel with.

I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why the Forever swatch is showing much darker & significantly more neutral in photos than in real life. They're similar - maybe the Forever is a bit darker, but they don't differ much!

Without foundation

With foundation

This foundation reminds me so much of the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation, in which they're both very lightweight but packs a punch pigment-wise. You can tell however, that the Dior Forever Undercover, can't really cover my darker acne scars. Both, sadly, does not have the best oil control. The Dior Forever Undercover has better packaging, though!

They both also have the tendency to cake up if you apply too much of the product. So use a tiny amount first, then add some bit by bit in places you need more coverage. I prefer to apply the Forever Undercover with a damp sponge instead of a brush because it gives a more natural finish; coverage also doesn't change even if you use a sponge.

This is 3 hours in, and the foundation has mixed with the natural oil on my face so it looks less cake-y now compared to when I first applied it. It feels and looks so natural on which is quite a surprise for a full coverage foundation.

It's a lot less fluid if you compare it to the original Dior Forever foundation, so you need to prep your skin! I've once used a light water-based moisturizer before applying the Undercover foundation, and my skin looked horrible. Super patchy, and dry looking! It's best to use a thicker creamier moisturizer if you're going to use this foundation.

But, still, the Dior Forever Undercover is a nice upgrade. It has better coverage, for one, and it also makes my skin look nicer (not pore-less nicer, but it makes my skin look more polish, if that even makes sense?) The Undercover does have less oil control (my main gripe with the Undercover foundation!) This also has a thicker formula, hence why a damp sponge is better for application.

It sets matte, but not powdery matte, so you need to set this with a powder so it won't move around. And as I've said, this foundation does not have the best oil control (4 hours in, I'm super shiny already). My trusty Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder can only do so much to help control shine.

But overall, I do really like this foundation. Not as much as my forever favorite Dior Nude Air Serum, but it's close!

For a more in depth review, I did a video on Youtube here:



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