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Within just a year, two of my cousins will be getting married (one on December, the other on February) — and in both instances, I'm actually a part of the entourage! #ForeverBridesmaid lol.

As luck would have it (or is it fate??), I've been contacted by Millybridal UK again to show you more  Cheap Bridesmaid Gowns that they are selling online! Have a look, and see if the site is best for you. Thank you Millybridal UK for sponsoring this post. And as always, there's also a disclaimer at the bottom of each post.

While having a custom-made gowns for the whole entourage is probably for the best (seeing as you can choose the style, color, size to suit your bridesmaids yourself), every bride needs to keep in mind that not everyone has the luxury of time to actually go to a seamstress. Or actually, it's not the easiest to round up your entourage so that they can be measured properly. 

It's a sad reality, but fret not, because Millybridal UK actually has everything that you need!

If you want to go for a very simple, classy gowns, there's always the Hot A-line Chiffon Ruffles Sweetheart Light Sky Blue Bridesmaid Dresses:

Something that I can recommend (seeing as how pretty they are!) is the Sweetheart Chiffon Floor-length Ruffles Pretty Pink Bridesmaid Dress:

They're a great step-up to the very generic Infinity Gowns. They're already structured, but there have ties so you can choose the finish of your gown itself. This is especially great if you want your bridesmaid to wear something similar, but not identical!

The Pearl Pink V-neck Chiffon Crossed Straps Cheap Sheath/Column Bridesmaid Dress is my favorite because of how classic and simple it looks:

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