The Empties # 5

I've been trying to purge my makeup/skincare stash since forever, but the problem is... I'm a hoarder. I once bought 3 tubes of facial washes because I like it so much, and was afraid I would run out of it. Long story short, in the end, I wasn't able to use 2 tubes because they have expired. There was water separation and everything. :\

This year, I really wanted to declutter, so I've been using my makeup/skincare before I buy moreSlooooowly, but surely! Seriously feels incredible to not have as many things in my drawers!

The 3W Clinic Brown Rice Foam Cleansing wash, I bought at Sasa Hong Kong for 19HKD or 9HKD, I forgot. I'm sure I included the price in a vlog or something, but I'm too lazy to watch the video again. :P Basta, it's cheap! I actually used this to wash my brushes lol it's okay. It smells good, cleaned my brushes really well,

The Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam & the Clearasil Hydra-blast Oil-free Facial Wash (Sensitive) are my favorite!! I've waxed poetic about the Innisfree tons of times already, so not going to talk about that anymore. 

The Clearasil one was a lucky find (I forgot my facial wash when I was in Vegas, so I bought the cheapest one at CVS. This particular cleanser was on clearance! $2 only!) I mean, I can't believe I would ever use a facial wash from the drugstore again, but I did!! And it's so good! I believe it's one of the reasons why I don't get a lot of breakouts anymore. It contains salicylic acid, so maybe that's it? 

Before our trip was over, I hoarded from Walmart (which was $6 more expensive bleh)! I'm down to my last tube! Will definitely repurchase once I have the chance again.

I just recently reviewed all these three makeup removers, so check my post about it here.

Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb

THIS MOISTURIZER IS, FOR REAL, THE 💣  I don't use moisturizer regularly until I got my hands on this. Also, my skin became drier and drier as I age, so moisturizing now is a must. This one's not sticky, not heavy, and dries to a nice silky finish (so I use it as a primer, as well!) I love this so much, and will repurchase for sure.

Jo Malone Nectarine Honey & Blossom

Jusko 5 years na ata to sakin, thank fuck I've already finished it! Love the scent (my favorite after Wood Sage & Sea Salt!), but I don't use perfume often so ang tagal naubos nito! Will probably not repurchase because I could not justify paying $$$ for a COLOGNE that does not last on me! I don't shit money, so thanks but no thanks. The longevity of Jo Malone COLOGNE suuuuuuucks. I mean, it is a cologne and not an EDP so there is that, I guess....

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation

I finally finished this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've had this bottle since 2015, and was using it regularly ha. Since you only need so little product, it took me AGES to finish it up. I loved this, but honestly, since my skin became drier nga, I want a more luminous face base, so this particular foundation isn't the best for me anymore. But seriously, if you're looking for a lightweight, full coverage foundation, look no further, BUY THIS. It's the best.

Mooooooore empties to come in the next few months yay!