Seda Vertis North Room Tour

*Please do note that this hotel has only been open last week of April. I'm sure they're still ironing some kinks.
This review was written last May 2017*

The room is okay. For a hotel with a super fancy looking lobby, you'd be pretty confused why the room looks quite dated (somehow looks nice on my video haha in real life, not so much). No design cohesion at all; the room honestly looks like your bog-standard 3-star hotel room. 

The view.. isn't very nice either. Take a look at my video, and you'll see why I'm speechless. Again, new hotel, new development area, so.. sure, they're still renovating/sprucing the place. But still, get a pool view if you can. 

 (Btw, wifi is only available for 2 gadgets.) 

One thing I have to say, they have a really GREAT customer service. I highly commend the staff. EVERYONE was super helpful, nice and friendly. The pool is on the 3rd floor, it's big (with a small kiddie pool) & there are tons of seats/lounges available for people. 

Breakfast spread is again, okay. Yummy food, but not much variety (mostly Filipino food + eggs and sausages) Additional person is P1150. We had a bit of problem while we were there, though. A couple of days before we checked in, we asked how much the breakfast cost, and they told us it's P700 per additional person. My Mom also informed them that we will be having people over for breakfast on that certain day. 

So we checked in, ate breakfast, got the bill, and was asked to pay P2300 for 2 additional person. Apparently, they raised the price A DAY before, and they didn't inform us of the change in price upon check in. I know it's their prerogative, but increasing the rate of their breakfast when the hotel hasn't been open for A MONTH... nice. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 

They offered us a late check out though (4PM). 

Anyway, the hotel is great. Although, maybe wait for a few more months until Vertis North mall is fully functional. Otherwise just go to Trinoma. There's a walkway connecting both malls now - you will have to go through Trinoma's open parking, but it's better than nothing.



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