REVIEW: Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

I've been trying to write this post for ages, but honestly I have no idea what to say hahaha. I've been trying to LOVE this foundation because $$$$$; after using this for a some weeks straight, it's just really a big meh overall. It's okay, but not worth the price tag.

It think I've said this before here, but when I was in LA, I was contemplating between this foundation or the Nude Air Serum. Literally, I was just in front of the Dior counter looking at both foundations. In the end, I went for the.... Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme lololol.

I was still curious about the Forever Foundation so I had my cousin buy one for me from Macy's. I had the shade 030 in the Nude Air Serum, but I've always thought it was too orange on me. I decided to gamble, and get the 021 Linen for the Forever foundation. Great for light medium with yellow undertone skin tone — perfect!

So. The Dior Forever Foundation ($50) is a lovely, light coverage foundation.. YES, LIGHT as in NOT full coverage at all! The reason why I wanted this in the first place is because reviews have said this was a full coverage foundation. Imagine my face when I found out that it wasn't. It was barely giving me medium coverage - I had to layer a lot of the product to cover some blemishes. Now that got me thinking, the people who said this is a high coverage foundation.... DO THEY EVEN HAVE BLEMISHES?? Meh.

I mean, I still like the foundation. It's 100000% matte. No shine, no dewiness, no anything. It's FLAT matte. So you do need some illuminator or highlighter to make your face look alive. But!! It has great oil control. I have combination-oily skin, and I get oily at my t-zone at around 5 hours of wear with this one. 

Weirdly, even though it has a matte finish, it's s t i c k y. I find that it takes 10 minutes for it to fully set, even then, I had to use some powder to set it because it was still tacky. I'm not sure if it's because it wasn't reacting well with my sunscreen? But that's what I experienced with it anyway.

I like this better when applied with a buffing brush. It doesn't leave any streak marks, it blends easily and give better coverage. Using a beauty blender gives a more natural finish, but obviously makes the foundation sheerer so just go with a brush if you want some coverage. 

I like this for everyday wear, but not for special occasions. You know the feeling when you put a really good foundation, and you're like, "yaaaaas this makes me so pretty omg look at that soft focus finish! look at my poreless face!"? Well, this is not it. It's a nice foundation, but nothing special with it. I'm definitely going back to the Dior Nude Air Serum once I'm done with this one. 

I like how the Nude Air Serum spreads easier and has more coverage, it's a no-brainer foundation, and it's all I ever need, really.



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