What I Use to Remove My Makeup

Hello!!! Apologies (once again) for disappearing, I was bombarded with a lot of orders last April, and have not had the time to write. March was a slooooooow month, so being super busy was a refreshing change.

Anyway!! While cleaning out my skincare collection, I found tons of makeup removers I've hoarded  over the last year. I loved everything (except for 2) so I though I'd share them with you!

*FYI, most of the products here were bought before I went cruelty-free. 

I don't normally use makeup wipes to remove my makeup unless I'm very tired or I'm feeling incredibly lazy. Which is, surprisingly not very often because I take removing my makeup seriously haha. But I'm not kidding, I've learned my lesson well!

I don't think makeup wipes are effective in removing all my makeup, but I always double cleanse anyway so I think it's okay.

Point Deep Clean All-in-One Cleansing Tissue KRW7000 from Olive Young - I only bought this because it was cheap haha, and I could only buy non-liquid products (I was a transient passenger) so I hoarded so many unnecessary skincare because I was finally in Koreaaaaa. This one is quite dry, so I had to mix in some micellar water in for it to work properly. It's meh, but still okay because of the nice packaging hahaha

Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Moist 49HKD from Sasa - ~Moist~ is my favorite among all of Bifesta's micellar water, and it's still my favorite as a makeup wipes. It's so WET lol. ONE wipe is enough to remove my makeup (sans waterproof makeup because.. I don't wear waterproof makeup..) It doesn't sting my eye, either, which is greeeat.

Micellar Water used to be my favorite way to remove my makeup... It's just so easy. Get some cotton pads, soak 'em, then wipe you face, ta-da! Done.

Bioderma Sensibio - My faaaaave. I have raved about this so often, I don't think it needs any further explanation why I loved this. Unfortunately, this isn't cruelty free so this would be my last bottle of this. :( :( But seriously, hoard this when you're in Hong Kong! It's almost, always on sale at Sasa/Bonjour! So cheap!!


For days when I use my full coverage foundation (Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able, Becca UCC), I use these cleansers. The first two products that I will be talking about are seriously the best; literally, they make sure that every speck of gunk is removed from my face. I could actually skip out on washing my face with facial foam afterwards, but of course I still do it. Seriously, double cleansing is a must!!

*Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser from Olive Young - I love this one because it doubles as a clay mask! I love multi purpose products! Basically, you put it on like how you would a clay mask, let it dry for a few minutes, then when it's cracking a bit haha, splash some water on your face.. Then massage your face, and watch your makeup completely emulsify! Wash it off with a damp muslin cloth. Love using this when I need some serious detoxing — it's relaxing okay!

Shiseido Perfect Gel from Cosmed Taipei  - I got this accidentally, to be honest. I forgot my facial wash, so I was at Cosmed to get the Shiseido Perfect Whip. I thought this was the same thing except in a different form, but of course it wasn't! I only found out when I was already washing my face in the bathroom. I was rinsing my face, and was confused because my face feels oily rather than clean lol.

When I learned how to use it properly, I fell in love with it. Basically, you just get a dollop on your palm, rub it on your dry face (with makeup on), and it'll just melt your makeup completely. Then you remove it using a wet muslin cloth.

It doesn't dry out my skin, but my skin still feels 100% clean. I suppose this is like the very famous Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish... but at a fraction of the cost

*Human Nature Gentle Cleansing Oil - yuck no. I still hate cleansing oils.




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