The Sunday Currently // 02

Was reading YEARS of missed Livejournal entries by Sarah Waldorf.. I started reading her ADIMLs (A Day In My Life) when she was in high school, and then stopped when she was in second year college. She graduated college 2014 — so I missed 5 years worth of blog entries? Been fun catching up on her life; so weirdly nostalgic! But for some reasons, halfway through my catching up, all her entries disappeared! :(

..this entry, schedule for next week's work, a shopping list.

Slow Hands by Nialler. How nice was the song?! I swear I also listen to artists other than the four people from One Direction.....

Riverdale, a show I will most probably give up on sooner or later. I do like Lili Reinhart, though. What a beaut. I still haven't watched 13 Reasons Why despite the many recommendations from friends. I'm 100% sure it will be triggering, which happened to me halfway through The Bell Jar. Horrors of horrors. The book is still gathering dust on my book shelf...

of the, and if the Becca Prismatic Amethyst is worth buying. (Probably not.)

Freshly cut grass. Our garden is currently being mowed, and it smells AWFUL. I'm surprised I've never realized how bad it smells until now.

For another Cebu Pacific sale, so I can finally book our ~much awaited trip~

For more rainy days

Black tank top, shorts - it's still too hot 🔥

KOSE Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil! I usually hate oil based makeup removers, but this one isn't greasy at all. It smells so pleasant, too!

New white sneakers that aren't leather! Veja sent me an Esplar as a replacement for their V-10, and oddly, the tongue part started peeling after 2 wears. I give up.

A food processor so I could make cauliflower rice easier.

Meh, but okay.

A recipe for polonchay soup hahahaha the ugliest name for a vegetable, but oh man, polonchay soup...... the best.



  1. I liked 13RW. But I won't recommend to everybody. It's one of those tv shows that I really like but I wish I could unwatch. If I had known what it's about I'll avoid it like I'm avoiding The Bell Jar.

  2. Uhh, same. I'd always hope for rain over sunny days, but that is ofcourse, when I don't need to go out of the house. Also, I watched I think 4 episodes of 13RW and I don't know why the hype just stopped. Plus, I just started watching Riverdale, go watch na! :)

    Lou |