Lip Markers - Hello Gorgeous by Skinline

I found out about the brand Hello Gorgeous from their Instagram Ad. I'm a sucker for great packaging, which is why when I saw theirs, I just had to try it. I also wanted to explore more locally made products, so I was pretty stoked when I saw their makeup line.

My Mom was in Greenhills, so I asked her to drop by their physical store. She got me the Lip Markers in George and Maui (P280/each) because I really liked the color when I saw their swatches online.

If you look at the swatches on their website, you would think that the Lip Markers would be a matte lipstick of some sort, but it's actually just a lip tint. I literally did not thought that it would be a lip tint! I mean, it's a lip marker with a felt tip, what was I expecting? :P

Maui // George

Arm swatches via

But anyway, when swatch, the color looks amazing, but it's completely different when applied on the lips.

George is just WAY different from both my hand swatch and Hello Gorgeous' online swatch.  Really annoyed about that, because I honestly thought it would a be a light nude color. In actual, it's... light reddish brown

I really like Maui, though. It's a deep cherry red color, but again, it's different from the swatch available online, but whatever I still liked the color, fortunately. So this one wasn't a waste.

I had to layer both many times before it applied evenly.

I like applicator of this lip tint, The lip marker, unlike regular felt tip marker, has a very flexible nib. Because of it, I found it easier to apply especially on the contours of my lips.

Oddly enough, if you can see, the ingredients for this lip markers are just Sunflower Seed Oil and Aloe Vera. I highly, HIGHLY doubt that those two were the only ingredients this lip marker has. So, that was quite fishy for me. It doesn't have any smell, and when you lick your lips, it doesn't taste like anything. So I'm just going to assume everything's fine, heh.

This tint is super loooooooong-lasting. I had to wipe my lips with a makeup wipe doused with Bioderma to remove it, and even then I had to scrub really hard for it to fade. I still haven't found a foolproof way to remove it in one go.

For P280, it's not really a bad buy, but it's also not the best buy. For the price, I would have gotten a lip tint from say, The Face Shop instead. Or Skin Genie. Lesser price and better performance (ie more pigmented).

I'm not going to say that I will not purchase from Hello Gorgeous by Skinline again, because I still want to try their liquid lipsticks and some of their skincare, but this particular product is just okay for me. Nice, but could be better. :)

Bonus: The brand is cruelty-free!



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