Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

I, obviously, am very very very obsessed with makeup... but if there's a makeup product that I don't buy, it's eyeshadow palettes.. Or well, eyeshadow in general. In fact, the last eyeshadow palette I bought was the Urban Decay Naked 1 lol. It was that long ago.

My cousin's wife (well and my cousin, but let's face it he probably doesn't know what she bought for the whole family 😂) gave me the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette (S45) as part of her Christmas/Birthday gift. It's an all-matte, all-neutral palette. 

This palette was released 2 years ago; but was added to the brand's permanent line.

* Tarte isn't available locally, but I'm 98% sure she bought it at a store in Uptown BGC. 

I love that despite all the colors being cool-toned, & all shades looking a bit similar to each other, you could actually do a lot of makeup looks with it. With or without help from your other eyeshadow palettes ;)

If I wear eye makeup on an everyday basis, this is probably how I would use this palette: Super Mom on the lids, Wanderer on the crease, and a tiny bit of Bestfriend on the outermost corner of my lids.

For this "night time" look, I used Super Mom on the lids, Dreamer on the crease, Bombshell on the outermost corner of the lids, Multitasker on the outer lower part, Free Spirit on the inner corner.

This palette is sort of similar to the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics, although I much prefer the Tartelette because the colors included in the UD Ultimate Basics aren't my cup of tea; I like the Tartelette's rosy hues more. Also, the last few shadows in the Ultimate Basics palette actually reminds me of the UD Naked 1 — so pass.

On my swatches above, you could clearly tell that some eyeshadow come off very patchy, but on the lids, all the colors blends like a dream!! There are fallouts - like what other people have said - but it's not as bad as I thought. For both looks above, I didn't use any eyeshadow primer; yes the Tartelette is extremely pigmented! This is definitely an eyeshadow palette that I would definitely pick up on my own. So glad to have this in my stash!

Bonus: Tarte is a cruelty-free brand!



  1. Wow, lucky you! I have no use for eyeshadow since I wear glasses, but this looks like a very pretty palette.

  2. Looks amazing!I am learning make-up,hope to get more information from your blog!
    Love it:)