LA Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

While I'm not really in the hunt for a new foundation (I just tossed 6 foundations, still have 3 in rotation), I was itching to try the newest foundation of LA Girl. I've heard plenty of good reviews from it on Youtube, so I wanted to try it for myself.

I got the LA Girl Pro Coverage Illumination Foundation ($10) in the shade Nude Beige. We do have LA Girl counters in Manila, but I don't think this foundation is available for purchase yet. Locally, you can buy this foundation from Chedelyn's Cosmetics for only Php400.

This foundation has 15 different shades, and I found that Nude Beige was the closest to my skin color (NC25-30) at first. They also offer a a white shade (a lightener), so you can mix that with pre-existing shades to get your closest match.

The foundation claims to have a medium to full coverage, is long wearing, and has a flawless finish. While the name implies that the foundation is illuminating, I find that it actually does not look too dewy — it actually gave me a nice satin finish. 

Since the formula was a bit runny applying it on my face was a breeze. I like using my Real Techniques Complexion Sponge for this foundation; I just find that, in general, sponges gives any kind of foundation a much better finish.

For a whole pump, you can get a medium coverage; but you can definitely build it up to a fuller coverage if you want to. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin even if you layer it on either.

The longevity of this foundation was also amazing. For an "illuminating" foundation, it stayed matte on me pretty much the whole time I was wearing it (take note: I did bake hence why it's matte). On the 6 hour mark, I did notice that I needed to blot badly. But afterwards, it was okay again. I also didn't notice any fading, except on the sides of my nose.

The one thing - the only thing - I don't like about this foundations is that it oxidizes like crazy on me! Give or take a shade or two darker than when I first applied it. 

This was a very surprising buy, and is now one of my favorite foundations I've tried — and considering that it's super affordable, I can honestly say that this is even better than some of the high-end foundations I've tried (I'm looking at you Becca!)

Bonus: LA Girl is also cruelty-free!

I did a First Impressions video of this foundation here:



  1. Can you shade match at Chedelyn's stalls? I wanna try this out since it's so cheap! Though I hate that it oxidizes, though.

    1. You can't, unfortunately! Here's the shade swatches though: Hope you can find your shade match because it's really good & cheap!