Pink Sugar Sugartint in Queen Bee

Pink Sugar Sugartint (P345) isn't new to me.. back when they only had 5 shades, I had Pink Passion which was an outrageously loud in-your-face pink - I used to be obsessed with that shade. For a time they just had really bright shades, but thankfully they've gotten to the trend, and started churning out nudes & muted colors.

One of the most raved about shade was Queen Bee. It was even sold out at my local Pink Sugar kiosk, and I had to go back for about 5 times before they finally restocked the shade!

Queen Bee swatched

The color.... is okay. But is this really the most coveted shade of this lipstick line? I wasn't very impressed. I know lipstick shades are subjective, but there is nothing special with this color. At least for me! It's just your bog standard muted berry red. 

Queen Bee is really pretty but it's certainly not special (or new!) I've seen it on other people, and it does look way better them. Maybe it's just my lips lol. But anyway, Pink Sugar Sugartint still remains to be one of my favorites liquid lipsticks. Not only is it proudly locally made, it''s cruelty free and affordable, too! The formula, while drying, is pretty comfortable & stays on all day. It also sets completely matte. No retouching needed!

What puts me off buying more from this line is the scent!! It still has the same sickeningly sweet candy smell that does not seem to go away :( I'll recommend this to people, but only if you don't get put off by fragrance heavy lipsticks. It's definitely worth a try!

What's your favorite local brand? :)



  1. I've been putting off buying this because I didn't see anything special, though it's raved about so much.

    1. It's pretty but not that pretty! You should try the other shades, I love their formula! :)

  2. i have this one,, niransack ng kapatid ko haha..