Impulsive Trip to Hong Kong

Found myself in Hong Kong once again. I am never going to tire of this place, I just love how easy it is to go here!

HOW NICE WAS MY VIEW! No filter, no edit!


I've only stayed at this area once - 3 years ago, at Lodgewood Hotel (A+ highly recommended) - I love the mix of traditional markets & high-end malls. That tall building right there is the Langham Place which is one of my favorite malls in Hong Kong because it has everything! H&M, Monki, beauty products, nice grocery, lots of food establishments.. bonus: the huge Sasa & Bonjour right across it! 

It's also easily accessible as it is connected to the MTR (Mongkok station, exit C3).

The Ladies Night Market is just 2-3 streets away from Langham Place, and one street away from Ladies Night Market is Fa Yuen street (or most commonly known as the Sneakers Street!)

AIRBNB # 1: Mongkok Area, P2600/night for 3 people

We arrived in the afternoon, so I didn't want to spend much on our accommodation; especially since we will be leaving early morning anyway. So I booked a cheap room at Airbnb. I didn't realized it until I finalized the booking that our Airbnb was located at Sincere House - which is a tenement of sort.

I'm super maarte when it comes to hotels/airbnbs, so it was a surprise for me lol. Can't get any more local than this!

The room is small, but it was really clean. It has a bunk bed good enough for 3 people. Again, despite being small, it has a complete amenities - it has a TV, an aircon, hair dryer; they even provided toothbrushes/toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners, body washes and slippers! If you're claustrophobic, be reminded that there are no window for you to see outside, so if that's a deal breaker to you, I wouldn't book this room.

The bathroom is compact, too. There's really not a lot of room for you to move around. 

Frank, the host, was super friendly and helpful. We didn't meet him (did a self check-in), but he was always just a text away, or if you didn't avail of the local sim, you can contact him via Airbnb private message. He replies pretty fast!

If you're interested, here's the link to this listing:

Yum Cha, Sheung Wan

As I've said, we didn't have any concrete plans, so I decided to just look for place where we can eat. I found Yum Cha - a restaurant that's really popular on Instagram - which is a place where you can get cute little buns.

Yum Cha - Nan Fung Place 173 Des Voeux Road Central (*they have another branch in TST*)

The building was very easy to find. At Sheung Wan station, exit through E1, go left on Des Voeux road and walk for about a minute, go left on Wing Wo street, cross the street & you've arrived at Nan Fung Place. Yum Cha is located at the second floor.

Yum Cha was surprisingly classy lol. While I was not expecting a hole in the wall, I was expecting a very casual restaurant. But it was a proper sit-down restaurant haha 

We only had an hour to eat (they closed at 3pm, reopens at 6pm), so we ordered quickly. Upon sitting down, the waitress will ask you what kind of tea you want: red dates red tea, toasted buckwheat green tea, chrysanthemum white tea. 

Surprise, surprise: IT'S NOT FREE lol. It doesn't have a price on the menu, so we assumed it was their house tea, it wasn't! Turns out, there's a tiny note on the bottom of the menu saying that the tea (and water!) was $15 for each person!

I don't normally like pineapple - much less a pineapple tart - but this one was just the right kind of sweet, and the pastry was super buttery and flakey. I love it. This was my favorite, and just please look at the presentation! So cute ♥

We ordered 4 different kinds of buns:

Hot Custard buns (yellow) - it taste kind of like salted egg? it was good but nakakaumay.
BBQ Piggy buns -  there were too little filling, that the bun itself overpowers the BBQ taste.
Green Tea Molted Custard buns (green) - meh.
Steamed Rose Floret buns - this is just straight up mantau (steamed bun with no filling) with rose petals. you dip it in condensed milk. it was okay.

While it was a pleasantly fun experience, I wouldn't dine here again. It's super overrated, and it was expensive!! Kain nalang ako sa hen-lin.

Afterwards, we went to IFC Mall so that I could go to Rue Madame, and check if they have the Veja shoes that I wanted) But of course, they didn't have my size :( 

So we just went to Citygate Outlets.. which was a bust. But, they have Pedder Warehouse there, and ang bargain ng shoes nila! They had a Saint Laurent slip ons that I was wanted, but they didn't have my size (again!!!)

Disneyland Hotel

Afterwards, we went back to Disneyland Hotel (where we're staying for the night). The place was beautiful!

Walang wala talaga Disneyland in Anaheim!

AIRBNB # 2: Yau Ma Tei, P5600/night for 5 people

I love this place. It's located at the residential area of Yau Ma Tei, so it gets quiet at night. But it's also just a few minutes walk away from the bustling Mongkok, so you get the best of both worlds!

The building itself is very secured. You need a passcode to enter the building, and once you're inside, just by the elevator, there are security personnels who are stationed there 24/7. Once you get to the flat, you need another passcode to be able to go inside. There is another door there that you can lock if you prefer (using a key; which will be given to you).

There is a sofa that turns into a sofa bed, and another queen bed in the bedroom. There's also another fold-up couch inside the bedroom. Perfect for 5 people.

It has compete amenities - aircon (1 in the bedroom, another in the living room area), apple TV, wifi, dvd player. It also has a kitchenette with everything that you need - forks, spoons, knives, pots, pans, plates, etc. There's even a washing machine!

The bathroom was small, but it was clean and the fixtures were all modern. No bidet, though!

The host, KK, was very helpful and accommodating. Days prior to finalizing our booking, she sent me video directions (via Whatsapp) on how to go to their place, how to turn on the aircon/TV/heater for the bathroom, restaurant recommendations, etc.

There are two groceries nearby (one is open 24 hours), many restaurants and hole in the walls, and as I've said just 6 minutes walk away from Mongkok. There's also an A21 bus stop located just by Nathan Road, less than 8-minute walk from the place. Catch that bus to go straight to HKIA! :)

Here's the listing, if you're interested!

Jamie's Italian, TST

After spending the day at IKEA Shatin, we went directly to Tsim Sha Tsui. It was a looooong journey (We had to go through three MTR lines! Light blue line - green line - red line!)

Mini Spaghetti & Meatballs

Beef meatballs with Jamie's seven vegetable tomato sauce, homemade spaghetti and a sprinkle of English cheese

This meal was good enough for 2 kids to share. It even came with a side salad in a jar (but let's be honest, what kid will eat that haha) For the record, Cali loved it!

Chilli Freak pizza

Our secret chilli sauce, mozzarella, japalenos, Bella Lodi, fresh chilli and mint

I'm not exactly sure why we ordered this particular pizza because it doesn't really have any toppings lol. Overall it wasn't anything special, but the pizza base has the perfect balance of chewiness and crunch.

Our Famous Prawn Linguine

Garlicky Prawns with tomatoes, fennel, safron, fresh chilli and rocket

Also forgettable lol. But I'm biased since I prefer cream-based pastas.

Porcini Arancini

Fried balls of mushroom risotto with mozzarella and italian cheese fondue

This was my favorite!!! I mean, mushroom and rissotto and cheese? What's not to like! The excessive use of exclamation points should tell you how much I liked this!

Tenderloin Steak

Grass-fed beef fillet chargrilled just the way you like it, served with whipped truffle butter, lemony rocket, Chianti red wine sauce and shaved black truffle

The steak came perfectly cooked just the way we requested it: Medium (kuya and I liked our steak medium rare, but we had to compensate for those who liked theirs well done hehe). I love this, too. I'm a big believer that if a steak is perfectly seasoned, you won't need any sauce to add to it. It has shavings of black truffles on top - it was the first time that I've tasted an actual black truffle tapos ganun lang pala yun lol 

The fries that came with it was so good, too!

Epic Chocolate Brownie

Warm fudgy brownie with salted caramel gelato and caramelised ammaretti popcorn

Our friendly waitress (a filipina!) served this dessert to us for free because it was my cousin in law's birthday!

While the food was just okay, one thing that I love about this place is how attentive and helpful the service were. Grabe.



  1. Hi Barbie! Looks like you had a blast. Hong Kong is always a great place to visit -- it was my first international trip when I was 13 years old, and I will never forget that first visit even if I have gone a couple more times after that. I've never booked on AirBnB either but it looks like it's quite an adventure as well. And how cute are those buns?!? lol!