COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

I've heard so many great things about the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid.. Many have even called this one of their holy grail skincare products. Some of the benefits that people have seen while using this are: clearer face, smoother surface, softer skin.

Though upon researching, I have also found some people who reacted quite badly while using this skincare product. But still, I wanted to try it out for myself and see if my skin would like it. 

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Starting point; rough forehead, clear skin but with acne scars

2nd week; with hormonal acne (yes, it's the time of the month)

My mistake was using the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid daily when I should have introduced it to my skin slowly. Ideal was to use it twice a week.

3rd week; clearer t-zone, but purging on the sides?

I really like how I looked here - I looked really fresh and sort of glowing? I really thought the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid was working. But as you can see I have a crescent shaped zits on the side of my face. This was the week that I reduced the COSRX from daily to 3x a week.

4th week; a couple of random zits popped up (dried now) + dried up cystic acne on the sides

This was the week that I stopped using my moisturizer (Etude House Moistufull Collagen Water Jelly Cream) to see if it was the reason of my breakouts. I also reduced my use of the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid 3 times a week to 2x a week. Unfortunately, for some stupid reasons, this was also the week that I started to use the NEOGEN Biopeel+ Gauze Peeling in Wine (used twice that week). I admit that I may have been over-exfoliating.... oops.

5th week; same thing; random zits, cystix acne.

I stopped using the NEOGEN Biopeel+ Gauze Peeling in Wine. Still using the COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid two times a week.

6th week; very, very bad acne - probably due to hormones?

This was the week where my skin was the absolute worst. Having my period wasn't helping at all, but I was feeling pretty down when I look at my bare face, something I've never felt since after I cleared up my skin. As you can see from the photos, my skin was horrible. This was also the week that I thrown in a towel, and admitted to myself that I am definitely not purging anymore, I am breaking out. You can't see it properly but I also had massive zits on my jawline, and under my chin.

The COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid did clear up my t-zone, but wrecked havoc on the sides of my face + jawline. I have never had cystic acne breakouts this bad after I graduated from college. As much as I would like to love this product, I thought it was time to call it quits.

7th week; completely stopped using the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

(I don't have a proper photo to show, but here's me sans makeup (just brows) at Napa Valley.)

First week that I have stopped using the COSRX. I was also in the US for a month during this time. The only skincare item that I was using was my moisturizer (Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb) and whatever sunscreen that I could get my hands on (CVS own brand, Sun Bum, etc).

My skin has relatively improved. Have not gotten even one cystic acne while I was there!

2 month and three weeks after stopping the COSRX

I'm still using the Belif moisturizer, but have since stopped using facial sunscreen. No more breakouts, finally! I have tons of leftover scars, but no active zits!!!!! It took a while for my skin to recover (still recovering pa nga!), and I had nothing to show for it in the end. Sayang lang the time and effort (and money).

Moral of the story? Just because it worked on other people, does not mean that it will work for you. Sadly, before you can find your holy grail skincare products, it will require much trial and error. Do your research, and don't expect everything to go your way.



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