Top 3 Favorite: Liquid Foundation (high-end)

As I grew older, I found myself getting really picky when it comes to buying face bases. Gone are the days where I used to pick up some random drugstore foundation to try just because it's cheap. Now, buying a new foundation takes up quite a bit of research - reading two Google-page results worth of blogs, going on Makeupalley, watching First Impression videos on Youtube.. After a bit of buying, trying then disposing.... here are my top 3 favorite (dare I say, HG) liquid foundations:

1. My ultimate bae base, the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation ($55). This has become my favorite foundation, and has unseated my previous one (the Laura Mercier Silk Creme). The Re(marc)able foundation has become my go-to foundation for when I travel - just because it doesn't require me to touch up the whole day. Of course, I need to blot after a few hours, but no retouching needed talaga. I've worn this in LA where the weather was dry, in Texas where it was humid AF; in Taipei during winter time & in Hong Kong during the summer. All times, it held up really well.

The best thing about this foundation is the coverage. For something that feels incredibly light on the skin, the pigmentation on this foundation is out of the world. 5 dots is all you need for your whole face - 5 DOTS ha, not 5 layers, not 5 pumps. I wouldn't know how they did it, but w o o o w. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty-free, too!! From their website:

Does Marc Jacobs Beauty test on animals?
Marc Jacobs Beauty does not test on animals and uses only the highest quality ingredients. All of Marc Jacobs Beauty brushes are also cruelty-free.

Does Marc Jacobs Beauty products contain any animal products?
Marc Jacobs Beauty is not considered a vegan line. While the vast majority of the products are free of animal byproducts, there are a small number of ingredients in the line that are of animal origin, such as beeswax & carmine.

Full review here.

2. Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation ($53) - this stuff is fantastic. This is, by far, the most lightweight foundation I own. Lighter than the Marc Jacobs one, which is saying something because that one is super light na. Every time I use this, it feels partly like applying a well... a facial serum, and not a foundation. It's that light. It settles on my skin really well; never adhering on any of my dry patches or acne scars. You can even take your time to blend the foundation on your skin because it doesn't set fast. But once it does, it. will. stay. put.

This has a better longevity, too, compared to the Re(marc)able foundation. I find that it doesn't make my face oil up as fast, and on good days, will even get me through a whole day without needing to blot. It has an absolutely beautiful finish, too. Matte but not flat.

The only downside is that it doesn't have the best coverage, but can be built up to a medium finish, so it's all good for me. Just use a concealer to cover acne scars (I don't).

*Dior tests on animals; not a cruelty-free brand.

3. RMK Gel Creamy Foundation ($55-60 on Amazon) - There's a lot that I dislike about this foundation, but one quality of it outweighs every cons. That is: the finish is beautiful. It's unlike any other foundations I've tried.

But, let's start with the cons: it's tacky to the touch once applied, and it just did not seem to want to set on my skin, so applying layers and layers of powder is a must for me. It's also a bit heavy - which is typical for any traditional liquid foundation. The pump dispenses too much product, half a pump is all you'll ever need for the whole face. The first few times I've tried to use this foundation, I pump once, and ended up wiping off what's left on my hand with a tissue. What a waste.

Also: this particular foundation doesn't seem to last well when it's humid outside - which is 90% of the time here in Manila. It's very frustrating because I'm not a fan of retouching.

But once you get past those, it's actually a really good foundation. This is one of those foundation that gives you *~glow from within*~, even with a setting powder on top of it, the glow will shine through. It makes your face look pore-less and photoshopped. It also doesn't cling on dry patches (even on the sides of my nose). I look so good whenever I wear this lol. I love it despite of its many, many faults.

What are your favorite foundations? :)



  1. I agree, buying foundation is such a huge process now x

  2. Guuuurl, very expensive naman those foundies! Siguro for special occasions pweds sya pero for errday use, parang nanghihinayang ako gastusan hehe.