Capsule Makeup + Going Cruelty Free

Earlier this year, I did a Marie Kondo, and chucked more than three quarters of my makeup. It felt quite freeing; I did it mainly because I get agitated every time I see tons of makeup on my counter that are not being used.

Whittling down my makeup collection was, surprisingly, very easy. Here's how I did it:

1. Laid out all my makeup on the bed, and then I did my daily makeup routine. All the products that I used, I set aside.
2. Then, I picked out my 2 eyeshadow palettes 
3. Chose all products that I know I will regret if I threw out (mostly limited edition products)
4. Toss all eyeliner, mascaras that are 5 months old.
5. Threw out all lipstick, cream products that are more than a year old (or some that I have not touched in a long time and ones that I know I will not use anymore).
6. Liquid and cream foundations that I don't use were thrown out, too.
7. Powder products (blush, bronzers, highlighters) were sanitized, and given to other people (or threw out).

These are not all the products that I have left, but here's my capsule makeup. Capsule makeup = basically products that I use on the daily.

1. Face powder - Maybelline Fit Me; this powder doesn't leave my face looking flat no matter how much I pile on. It's amazing (unfortunately not CF), so I'm looking for another one when I ran out of it.
2. Contour - Burberry Earthy; my HG contour product since I got it December last year. It's cool-toned neutral blush great for shading.
3. Bronzer & highlight - NARS Craving; I don't care for the bronzer part, but the highlight is great. It doesn't have any chunks of glitters, it just gives you an amazing shimmer which is just right for everyday use.

4. Blushes - Burberry Russet & MAC Cheek and Cheerful; both are apricot/terracotta shades. One has a satin finish, the other is a glitterbomb. Both beautiful.

5. Eyebrow products - NYX Tame & Frame and MAC Espresso; The NYX one is okay for the price, it does what it needs to do. But I want to try the Colourpop Brow Pomade next. Cheap and CF. The MAC Espresso, I'm just finishing up lol I've had this one for years.

6. Lipsticks - Colourpop Ultra Matte and Colourpop Matte X Pillowtalk (nudes), Tom Ford Velvet Cherry (red), Charlotte Tilburry Bond Girl (plum; great girl boss color), Burberry Pink Apricot (pinky nude).

* Note that I wrote this prior to my decision to go cruelty free


I've recently decided to switch to cruelty-free products - but, if you looked at my capsule makeup properly, you'd notice that 98% of it are not cruelty free. In fact, even my whole skincare regimen relies on non-CF products.

So here are my personal rules:
1. Any makeup or skincare that I will purchase from now on must be cruelty free (no animal testing, not sold in China)
2. I will be using up all the makeup and skincare that I have currently, even if they are non-CF.
3. For my skincare, if I'm not able to find non-CF products that will work for me, I can repurchase whatever I'm currently using.
I know #3 defeats the purpose of going cruelty free, but I have struggled with acne since college, and the products that I'm currently using are the only products that works for me (well, so far). 

My whole skincare is based on Innisfree products, and while Amorepacific (Innisfree's parent company) voluntarily discontinued animal testing on brands under their company.. the brand Innisfree still has stores in China, a country that requires strict animal testing when it comes to cosmetics. 

(I am currently looking at the brand CosRx, so crossing my fingers their product will work for me.)

Any thoughts on going cruelty free? 



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