Trip Budget Breakdown: Hong Kong

I was going to shut down my blog - I even put it on private for a couple of days - but then I realized that would be the first time in 10 years that I wouldn't have any blogs at all. It felt wrong, somehow.. so I decided to fuck it and just renew my domain + put it back on public + write.

Anyway, I thought I'd put up my little Hong Kong vlog when I went there during the first week of April! It's just 4 minutes long, but I think I've covered everything that we've done - pretty hard to vlog pala ha! Definitely need to improve more haha

Speaking of HK trip, I thought I'd do this post about my trip's budget breakdown. Thought it would be helpful to people so that they would know how to roughly budget their own trip.

I was going to challenge myself to only spend as little as $200 for the 4 days that we were there. In my mind, I wouldn't need to shop as much seeing as we already have H&M, Forever21, Cotton On, Uniqlo, etc. in Manila, so no need to check those shops out, really. But, my sister was adamant that we visit Disneyland - which was not supposed to be part of the trip as we have been there thrice already. That just totally blew my initial budget, but I did enjoyed it for most part, so I guess it was worth it anyway!

Plane ticket: Php2200 ($47), roundtrip, all in.
- We bought this back in January 2016 when Cebu Pacific had the Php899 sale Manila to Hong Kong.

AIRBNB accommodation: Php6500 divided into three = Php2166 ($46)
- Our room was originally Php9000 for 3 nights, but we used the Sun Cellular code to get a Php2500 ($53) discount! Link for the room here.

Travel tax: Php1620 ($34), for Filipinos.
- The fee that I detest the most when I have to travel mmm..

Personal Everyday Budget Breakdown

1st day (Wednesday)

*arrived at 7pm*
Airport Express, one way to Kowloon station: 70HKD ($9)
- Originally 100HKD but discounted for groups of 3.
Octopus Card: 150HKD, 50HKD refundable ($19)
- This was enough for our whole trip.
Dinner: Tatsujin Ramen 68HKD ($9)
- Located at Woosung St., Jordan which is where our AIRBNB was also located. It was okay, had better ramen.
Temple Street Night Market: free
- Although I did bought a USB stick for 10HKD - DO NOT BUY THIS. It doesn't work! Please use Google for more information.

2nd day (Thursday)

Breakfast: Mcdonald's 22HKD ($3)
Disneyland Ticket: 465HKD ($60)
- Was originally 539HKD, but we bought our tickets at Golden Crown Guesthouse in TST, their lobby is located at the 5th floor. We just walked in; but if you're a bigger group than we are, I recommend sending them an email to reserve tickets.
Food inside DL: roughly around 400HKD ($51) for the three of us so, 133HKD ($17) each.

3rd day (Friday)

Breakfast: Australia Dairy Company 38HKD ($5)
- Would not go back haha there was nothing special about it.
10,000 Buddhas Monastery: free
Lunch: Ikea $12HKD ($2)
- Because I wanted my Mom to try the Swedish meatballs (which tastes exactly like Jollibee's Burger Steak hehe)
Walked around Causeway Bay, Jordan: free
Walked along TST Promenade: free
Sasa & Bonjour: 173 HKD ($22), makeup remover, makeup, etc.

4th day (Saturday)

Breakfast: Mcdonald's 22HKD ($3)
- While waiting for stores at the Sneakers st. to open; no choice because this was the only fast food near the area.
Shopping at Fa Yuen st, Mongkok: 499HKD ($64) for a Triple White Nike Roshe One
- Another purchase that I was not supposed to get haha but at that price for a Roshe One, I could not pass it up!
Locker for luggage at Citygate: 40HKD ($5)
- Good for 3 hours, just enough for time for us to go to the Big Buddha
Ngong Ping 360 ticket: 125 HKD ($16)
- Was originally 180HKD, but again we bought our discounted tickets at Golden Crown Guesthouse in TST.
Food at Taste Supermarket: 100HKD ($13)
- Bought tea, and some pasalubongs
Taxi to Airport: 40HKD, divided by 3 is 13HKD ($1.68)
Dinner: Saboten at HKIA 160HKD, divided by 2 80HKD ($10)

Total: $396, all in.

It was not the budget trip that I was going for haha, but still not bad for a 4-day trip in Hong Kong! Most of my money went to food, Disneyland and the shoes! Had it not been for the last two, I think I could have been successful budget-wise :P



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