AIRBNB // Taipei Accommodation: A+ Design Hostel / The 6th Apartment

Booking through Airbnb has been something I've always wanted to do, but never had the chance to. This booking, however, changed everything. Cue one of the most quoted lines from Casablanca, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Oh yeah. 

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For our first Taipei trip, we booked the A+ Design Hostel room A6 (I guess the hostel is also named The 6th Apartment? I was pretty confused myself) at Daan District for $49/night. We chose A+ Design Hostel specifically for three reasons:

1. Nice room with a beautiful, modern bathroom (--> this one's super important to me!)
2. The location! It's located at Zhongxiao Fuxing - which is 5-10 minutes away from the Hello Kitty Cafe, Barbie Cafe & the two SOGO Department Stores. It's also just a few steps away from one of the exits of the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. Also, near bus stops that can take you to the Taoyuan Airport (which is around 40 mins away from the city proper).
3. It's cheap! Hotels in Taipei are extremely expensive. Luckily, Taipei is brimming with little hostels like this one.

Crisp white bed linen makes me happy! The Queen size bed is actually only for two people, but three of us fit the bed just fine. Snug fit, but hey, we didn't pay for the extra head so good enough! (We asked the owner if it's all right that there will be three of us, by the way, we didn't sneaked in the 3rd person!)

The room also has the basic amenities you need - television, air-conditioner, WiFi, hair dryer, mini fridge, towels, kettle... It's like being in a boutique hotel but so much better because of the price.

I'm also very much in love with the bathroom!

I'm 99% sure that most furniture used is from Ikea which explains the minimalist slash Scandinavian theme the room has going on.

Although the room does have its own downside...


Yep, glass bathroom adjacent to a really huge mirror.

Update: the glass in the bathroom is now frosted!

Of course being a hostel, you can find this nice sitting area designed for socialization at the center of the hostel. During that time, we were the only guests of the hostel so no socializing was done!

The hostel also has a full kitchen which I forgot to photograph! Very convenient if you want to cook or heat up something. If you don't want to cook, however, there's a 7-11 a few steps away from the building of the hostel. Also, a bakeshop, a grocery store and some tiny restaurants/hole in the walls. There's also a bank nearby if you want to exchange some money. Plus, don't forget that you're just across SOGO Department Store which has its own supermarket & food court at the basement. You won't go hungry in the area!

As it is a hostel and not a hotel, there's no bellboy to help you with your luggage, no security to guard the entrance, etc. But I found no security issues when we stayed there because basically, you'd have to bypass three locks to be able to go inside the your room. The hostel also has multiple CCTV cameras all around the area. So, pretty darn safe, if you ask me.



  1. Thank you for this! I'm going to Taipei on November and I'll consider looking into this place. It looks cute and something I would definitely stay in. Was actually on the hunt for hostels and guest houses in the city and I'll put this one the list :)