Friday's 10 Happy Things : 08

1. Taking photos of babies is hard work, but fun and rewarding when you see the end result. HAY CUTIES.

2. One Direction's Made in the A.M. leaked; I couldn't resist listening downloading some all songs. Bless you, 1st world country people. I love Temporary Fix, End Of The Day and What A Feeling! I can't wait to get the album on the 13th! :3 (If I Could Fly is such a gratuitous fan service, and I am freaking out hehehe)

3. My phone fell 5 feet to the ground, and it's still working!

4. My Mom wanting to eat at Project Pie just so I could see my crush lol. Seriously, I don't even like pizza that much to justify how many times I've ate there for the past two years. (Tbh I'm so sick of their pizzas, I resort to ordering pork buns at Tim Ho Wan which is located next door - they deliver to Project Pie :D)

5. Newest favorite Instagram account: @masarapba

6. Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them stills and behind the scene photos! See the rest of the photos here!

7. Simoy ng Haraya's Tiwala EDP. I'm currently alternating Burberry Brit and Incanto Bloom, but I've gotten bored of them. Tiwala is a nice everyday scent - floral, green, almost soapy. Best thing about it is that it's locally made! I first knew about Simoy ng Haraya through Shari who posted about the brand on her Instagram account. Luckily, I managed to catch them at the Katipunan Weekend Market.

8. Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation: it's (expensive) magic in a bottle.

9. That huge pimple up there is finally gone! I've had it for almost two weeks!

10. Taylor Swift is being sued hehehe (joke lang, wala namang sense yung kaso but still) Also: this is the first result you get when you Google "Taylor Swift sue"

..which is true, amirite. ;)

Ditz Revolution

What made you happy this week? :)



  1. Didn't know na may leak pala. I'm so happy One Direction is on Spotify. I upgraded to a paid account and it's worth it! Yung songs din ni Bieber, ok. Excited for Nov. 13.


    Not a fan of Project Pie, too!!!!!!!