Kitchen Hacks for Dummies (like me)

As someone who works with food, I've obviously been spending majority of my time in the kitchen. Most of the time, I'm lucky that my baking and cooking go without any hitch. But sometimes, I get really flustered when I don't have proper tools to make my life easier. Luckily, has a wide variety of kitchen tools/appliances available for sale online!

In this particular page,, I've found soooo many tools that will be really helpful to my work (not to mention, the items are super cute and affordable!)

It's pretty embarrassing to admit, but the one thing that I hate the most when it comes to making fluffy white cakes and macarons? Separating the egg white to the yolks. 2 out of 5 times, the yolk will smash, and then I'll have to redo it again! Wasting time, money and food! This Mini Handheld Egg White & Egg Yolk Separator will surely minimize this particular problem of mine. The cost? $1.20!!

My favorite thing about my work is when I have to make customized cupcakes or cake because it challenges my creativity. Whilst I don't really make cookies much, these Stainless Steel Letter Shape Cookie Models are perfect to use as fondant cutters! You can get them here! :)

And.... this one would not really help me with my work, but I'm sorry I just couldn't resist! I'm a big sucker for anything skull-related home goods! And the fact that it can be used as a shot glass.... mmm. ❤ Hey! Everyone needs to unwind sometimes, right? :D It only cost $2.91, too! What a find!

If you're not into kitchen-related products, also sells a lot more things like clothes, beauty products and home goods! International shipping is available, so you don't have to worry about that. They also have a lot of payment options like credit card, Paypal, Western Union, etc. Do check them out if you're interested! :)

* This post is sponsored by Please do your research, as I will not be liable for anything when you purchase from the website.



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