The Empties #3

I'm finally done writing the second installment of my The Empties post! Sorry it took so long; life was surprisingly busy. :O July went by so fast! We're almost at the -ber months, and it's craaaazy. I'm so torn, because I want 2015 to slow down, yet I just can't wait for it to be over.

Anyway! Enough babbling, here are the rest of my empty products!

The Face Shop Phytogenic Powder - before finding my HG face powder from MAC (Select Sheer) and Maybelline (Fit Me), this was the powder that I loved the most. I've had this since forever, and I don't think you can even buy it anymore. I used it verrrry sparingly because it was stupid pricey for a Korean drugstore brand. The powder is so finely milled that when you touch it, it feels like silk! It keeps my oil at bay, and doesn't cake up on me.

Benefit They're Real Mascara (deluxe sample) - to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Benefit cosmetics. I know a lot of people swear by this brand, but it just never appealed to me. Case in point: this mascara. So hyped in the blogging world, but in reality, doesn't really delivers. Expensive to boot, too.

I.Color Focus Stylish Eyeliner Pen - was the very first liquid liner that I've used and liked. It has a stiff, pen-type brush perfect for newbies like me. It glides on my lids so easily. I have very oil lids though, and a bad habit of rubbing my lids throughout the day... so yes, it fades by the end of the day. :(

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow - I really..... don't care for this product at all. My Mom loves it, but I just don't get along with it. I prefer powder/pencil over brow markers.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lipstick - the only orange lipstick that I wear regularly. It's less stark orange, and more on the coral side, to be honest - which is probably why I liked it. It's so easy to wear that it became my designated lipstick for my 'don't give a shit about anything' days.

Tony Moly Dual Carat Concealer - this covered my zits pretty well, and stayed on until the end of the day. I still have the stick side of this concealer (which I use for my to color correct my dark under eye circles).

MAC Espresso - the powder eyeshadow that I used for my brows. I will definitely repurchase! This shade is also a great crease color (it's a matte, dark brown).

I go through nude lipsticks like nobody's business:

MAC Hug Me - I'm embarrassed to admit that I still have this lipstick because I bought it back in 2008, and in fact, was actually my very first MAC lipstick! I like the shade a lot, but I'm not too fond of the finish (lustre); had it been a matte/satin, I would definitely repurchase it!

MAC Warm Me Up - this lipstick was from the Warm & Cozy Collection from the year 2009. Obviously from the name, you can already tell that it's a warm nude (brown-orange), and it clashed terribly with my (very) yellow skin. I loved it, though hahahaha I was in College, and didn't know any better okay, sorry? :P

MAC Cherish - FAVORITE. MAC. NUDE. OF. ALL. TIME. Peachy-brown with no hints of pink at all - it's perfect. I forget why I haven't repurchased this yet.

MAC Captive - I bought this because someone's posted about it years back, and it looked sooooooo nice on her!! On her, it was a beautiful deep purple with reddish undertone; on me it was muted purple. It worked okay on me (thankfully), but di ko pa rin siya feel lels. I'm still glad I finished it, though!

What are your recent empties? :)



  1. Ooh lots of lipsticks! I almost never finish them! x

  2. The first thing I thought before clicking on this is OMG sayang we don't have Back 2 MAC here.

    Realized how bad (and ridiculously overpriced!!!) Benefit is recently. I actually like that mascara, however not enough to justify the price.

  3. I'm so relieved to find you don't like that particular K Palette rin. I was beginning to think I had weird issues because I really don't like it. Something about powder over wet marker made me look like a drowned rat.

  4. Mostly eyebrow pencil and eyeliner from Nature Republic! I've repurchased their auto eyebrow pencil 4x na yata. I wish I could finish an entire lipstick tube but the damn thing keeps breaking and I end up just buying a new one cos of the mess haha.

  5. I'm excited that you can trade those MAC containers in for a new lipstick! (Yun lang nga, it has to be abroad.) Any thoughts on what you would get as your Back 2 MAC freebie?