Friday's 10 Happy Things : 06

1. New episodes of 2 Days, 1 Night Season 3 every Wednesday! Favorite cast, favorite season! ♥

2. Befriending the stray cat & her kittens. I still run away whenever the mother cat approaches me for food, but I think we're getting along better hahaha (I do feed them ha! I just throw the food far away from me hehe)

3. Cutting my hair short(er). I went to a different stylist this time around, and tbh I didn't like the way she did my hair. I really love the length, though.

4. Sophie's Mom Red Velvet Cupcakes. I haven't had one since they closed down their SM North Edsa branch, so it was a treat :) It had less frosting than before which sucked because it's the one thing I really loved about the cupcake, but oh well. (The cupcake itself was also sweeter? IDK)

5. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation! Hahahaha random, but I really did love the movie!

6. Tom Felton

7. Cold mornings, hot noodles, lazy days.

8. Aside from hot noodle: piping hot lugaw (from Uring & Thess - a fave since I was in grade school. If you find yourself near NLEX Mindanao Ave exit, you have to go there!)

9. A cup of freshly-brewed Cream of Earl Grey. Isn't it obvious that I love it when it's cold? Sweater weather forever

10. Discovering a new brand of makeup to obsess over! Catrice's blushes are amazing!! Review to follow soon!

Friday's Unhappy Thing:

1. This country.

- Accused plunderer? Just pay the bail, then you can go back to work... you're old already anyway.
- Heavy traffic? It's a sign of progress!
- Critically endangered animal? Let's just shoot them dead!

Pamana, you gorgeous eagle, you.



  1. I also have friends who love befriending cats and all cats in general. So sad that someone killed Pamana. Ugh, and traffic? Tell me about it! :-(

    1. But I'm really scared of cats! I wish I'm not so I can play with them :(

      Grabe noh! Ang lala na talaga ng traffic!

  2. Mission impossible is what all action movies should be like.

    1. True! I love that it's funny, too! And pogi pa rin ni Tom Cruise hahaha

  3. lol I would find myself talking to cats sometimes even if they're stray ones. I wanna keep them all if I could

    1. I talk to them sometimes, too :)) I wish I can keep all strays but alas :(

  4. Just dropping by to say hi and I love your blog! Did a google search on skin care and acne and came across your blog :)

  5. My dad hated rogue nation, while I thought it the best one yet. (The first one pa rin daw for him.) For one, I understand the franchise better this time around. There's also more special effects and hi-tech shizz. I love me some hi-tech shizz!