*Back To School Tips with SkinWhite Advanced

I've graduated from College nearly 5 years ago. Had I known how bad it is for you to carry super heavy shoulder bags, I would have not carry so many unnecessary things with me! As much as possible, I want to carry a

1. Notebook - an obvious necessity. Admittedly, you can use your laptops now to write down lectures, but where's the fun in that?

2. Pens - a cheap pen for when I have to scribble down notes hurriedly; and a nicer one for when I want to rewrite the notes.

3. Perfume Rollerball - better than carrying a big perfume bottle, no?

4. Lipstick - I have never worn shades that were too bright or too "out there" when I was in College. It's either a nude lipstick or nothing lol. This one's MAC Brave - the perfect MLBB shade for me!

5. Makeup Remover Wipes - when your face becomes an oily mess, and you just want to get rid of all traces of your makeup! Or when your mascara/eyeliner runs down your face! Yikes!

6. Wet Tissues -

7. *SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser - after wiping off your makeup with your makeup remover wipes, you can follow it up with the SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser! This helps remove stubborn dirt, excess oil and other makeup residue that your makeup wipe was not able to remove.

It also contains Witch Hazel extract - which as I've said before is a natural astringent. It helps really cleanse your face, and it also prevents acne! It's a whitening facial cleanser; so I expect that your dark spots and discolorations due to acne will whiten considerably in just 7 days.

8. *SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Soap - I don't know about you, but in college, it was mandatory for us to take 3 PE classes. Mine were: Badminton, Ballroom and Volleyball. All of them will make you sweat! I was lucky that my Volleyball classes were at night, so I can directly go home after without any problem.

But when you have a class right after your PE class? Please wash up! You don't want to stink up your classroom!

9. *SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion - I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of whitening products personally. But for those who are interested in having brighter and whiter skin, this product's definitely for you! It uses an Advanced Tripower Technology that can instantly whitens your skin, and with continuous use will help reveal your whitest white!

It's also important to note that it has SPF 20! It's the number one rule of my dermatologist to never go out of the house without putting on sunblock! Help your skin prevent premature aging, sagging and darkening - please put your lotion with SPF/sunblock on! :)

You can view SkinWhite's new commercial here!

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  1. I've always been a fan of Skin White, however I wasn't able to use them until I stepped into highschool. Really helpful tips by the way! :)

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine