The Empties #2

I can't believe that my last The Empties post was written almost two years ago! Actually, what I can't believe is the fact that I managed to hold on to these much trash for over 2 years hahaha I have so much products to show you that I decided to split it into two parts - skincare and makeup.

The first three are all water-based makeup remover: I really liked the Maybelline Clean Express Miracle Water but unfortunately, it isn't locally available. It's cheaper than Bioderma, but works just as well. It doesn't leave any sticky residue, removes all my makeup; but it does sting my eyes a little. I've also finished my third bottle of the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - I'm sure you're all familiar with this product so I'm not going to talk about it anymore! I'm also done with my 2nd bottle of the Bifesta Moist Makeup Remover. Out of all the four variants that Bifesta has, this is the one that my skin really likes the most.

The rest were facial washes that I've used for the past 2 years! The Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser is actually a facial was targeted for men. It has witch hazel extract so it also doubles as my astringent when I was using this. I love the smell of this, too! I'm probably going to repurchase this once I ran out of facial washes I have in my stockpile.

The Etude House Baking Powder, Nature Republic Collagen Vitamin C and the Shiseido Perfect Whip weren't really anything special, to be honest - but they did not break me out, so at least that's something.

My HG facial cleanser, and the one that I would be repurchasing probably forever is the Innisfree Bija Anti-trouble Facial Foam - I'm actually on my third tube of this cleanser. The brand isn't locally available so I make sure I buy a couple of tubes each time I go overseas so I can stock up.

I've wrote about Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve a year ago saying that it's my favorite hand cream (still is). I still have another tube of this, so I'm not considering repurchasing it just yet. I bought two bottles of the The Body Shop Cucumber Freshening Water when it was on BOGO back then. I've finished the other bottle a few months ago, but I still don't really know what this for hahaha Is it a toner, or is it just something that you use to refresh your face in the middle of the day?

I like using dry shampoos to volumize my hair, so tend to get a lot of product build-up on my scalp. I used the Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo to wash all those gunk off of my hair. The Bath and Body Works Night Time Tea Body Wash smells sooooooooo good. Aside from the Lavender Chamomile from the aromatherapy line, the Night Time Tea is my favorite B&BW scent. I think this is discontinued, though. I've been saving it by using just a little at a time not realizing it has been 3 years since I've had the bottle haha definitely time to toss it!

Shine Moist Iconic Keratin Spray is a DNF (did not finish) product because I really don't know what it's for haha I bought it because I thought it was a heat protectant spray! Silk by Zara EDT is something that I know I would definitely repurchase. The scent reminds me of one of my favorite perfumes, the Chloe EDP. They both have rose & musk notes - which are my favorite notes in a perfume. I haven't been inside a Zara store for a loooong time, so I don't know if this is still available.

OPI Russian Navy was my first OPI nail polish. This is a gorgeous shade of blue - navy blue with hints of purple shimmer. Unfortunately, it's a limited edition color. Definitely gutted when I saw that it has dried out. :(

Have you finished any products lately? :)



  1. The Zara scent sounds beautiful! I'm definitely very impressed that you managed to hold on to all these things for so long - I love empties posts! xx

  2. Why do we do this to ourselves? I have a bunch of sachets rotting away for 2 years na rin because I haven't photographed them yet. I can't even remember my thoughts on them anymore :((

    P.S. I thought we had Innisfree locally? Is this wash not available or am I mistaken at wala talagang Innisfree dito??

  3. I just recently did an Empties blogpost here: and it was cray and the sachets are messy!

  4. OMG, hahaha I love water based cleansers! I'm on my 4th Bifesta bottle while I'm really scrimping on using my Bioderma. :)) I didn't know Maybelline had a counterpart! I hope they bring it here ASAP.

    And I also didn't know that human nature had dry shampoo. haha! I only got to try Etude's dry shampoo but it's quite tiny and not sulit. hehe :)