Friday's 10 Happy Things : 05

Yes, this Friday's 10 Happy Things was posted quiiiite late - I literally only have 45 minutes before it's Saturday haha Being late turned out to be a good thing because a couple of exciting things were just announced, so I just had to add them!

1. First of all, something very important, and something that needs to be celebrated: the US legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states! America, you're amazing when you want to be! What a time to be alive.

2. HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSE CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still hoping that it will become a novel because going to London is a dream (far, far) away right now lels

3. I've said this on Twitter, but I've started watching this Korean reality series called Return of Superman. Basically, 4 celebrity dads take care of their kids for 48 hours with no help. I don't know anything about K-pop, but I'm absolutely smitten with Tablo (who's a rapper - and one who holds a degree and a MBA from Stanford at that!) and his daughter Haru ♥

4. I had to turn down a really big dessert bar order (The Cupcake General hehe) because I'm going somewhere on that particular date. For someone whose main income comes from this, turning the job down was a big, BIG thing. Aarghhhh. But, on the other hand, I'm going back to Taipei on December so yay!

5. Great steak, cheap price - Goodfellas located in Kamuning.

6. Made a Strawberries and Cream cake (also known as Christmas Cake in Japan) IT'S SO GOOD. The fresh strawberries were a bit tart, which was was a good thing because the whipped cream I made turned out to be sweeter than I wanted it to be.

7. Bought a pair of shoes and a sandals for Php200 each at Cotton On! The Cotton On in Lucky Chinatown is my favorite!

8. I lost some weight! Okay, this is mainly because of the plums (secret slim or something) my Mom bought.  Didn't realized it will have a laxative effect, though! Honestly thought it was an appetite suppressant or something. I've finished the box midweek (and will probably not purchase it again), so I've been eating a lot more fresh fruits to compensate.

9. Nights are getting colder, so I've been using my duvet again. I'm obsessed with duvets, okay. It's so soft and fluffy.

10. I now have 6 empty tubes of MAC lipsticks, so it's Back To MAC time!!!! I can't wait. I wonder if any MAC store/counter in Asia carries the lipstick shade Whirl!

It's been a very happy week indeed. :)

What made you happy this week?

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  1. Return of Superman is my fave too, and Tablo & Haru <3!!! Is there Back to MAC in the Philippines? I pre-ordered Whirl from an IG seller. Hopefully, I'll get it by July. :)

    1. I'm only one episode 41, but gutted to know that they left the show na! :(

      Nope! I think HK and SG has, though!

      Can't wait to see your swatch, Juvy!!

  2. Grabe I really want Men Love Mystery haha. Sana it becomes available here!

  3. omg i got sooo excited with harry potter and the curse child. sana nga they will turn it into a novel soon.... like after a few months kasi usually it takes years.
    congrats on loosing weight! i wanna try those appetite suppressant toooo. i was going to buy na sana but i was worried kung may laxative effect. if you find a good appetite suppressant pls let me know :D my dad said the only side effect is sweating really hard during work out (i dont trust him tho :P)

  4. Return of Superman sounds amazing! But I refuse to watch Korean lifestyle shows because they just make me depressed that I'm not born Korean T_T

  5. I LOVE TABLO too!!! Super nice, talented, cool, gwapo (for me) and sweet :))

    RE: #1 : Sana dito rin sa Philippines, but I highly doubt it. Like highly. :(

  6. Sana tuloy tuloy na ang cooler nights. I went out the other day and was so surprised that it felt steamy, of all things!