Friday's 10 Happy Things : 04

I skipped last week's Friday's 10 Happy Things because that week was a tough one for me. I'm still not in the greatest place right now, but whatever. Que sera sera. Etc etc.

1. My sister graduated from College last week! She took up Business Administration major in Financial Management — she most definitely inherited our parents math skills hahaha I for sure did not lol

"Fun" fact: during my first term in College, I failed Algtrig - as in the most basic math subject that I had to take for my course! Hindi ko man lang naranasan maging regular student hahaha Partida, nakaupo pa ako front and center ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (For the record, only 1/4 of our class passed!)

2. @textsfromyourexistentialist, my spirit animal.

3.  @sadanimalfacts — :3

4. Barca's treble! I also won my cousin some $$$ because of my final score prediction hahahahaha

5. Found some makeup I haven't use in a while, and fell back in love with a couple of them.

6. Glad I am not a nurse. How in the world do they have so much patience, I have no idea. I cannot even handle one cranky (adult) patient! Kudos to all of you guys! You guys are amazing!!

7. Vegan ice cream. Ingredients here.

8. Often times, I ask myself "Why do I live where I live? Of all the countries in the world, why was I born here?" I have a very strong dislike for this country, but I'm still thankful I live here instead of somewhere worse. Just a thought that has been on my mind for the past few months.

9. This cutie:

10. This video:

I don't even really want to have kids, but I kiiiind of want one now because of this lolol SO FREAKING CUTE.

** I still really don't want one.

What made you happy lately? :)

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  1. I hate that so many glaringly awful stuff (traffic, corruption, pollution, ill-mannered people) take away the joy of living in the Philippines.

  2. Kawawa naman mga nurses talaga, like my sister. Overworked and underpaid. :( Why don't you want kids? HAHAHA!

    Glad you've found old makeup that you love! I want to do makeup all day, everyday! (Kung pwede lang!) :-(

  3. I hate living and working in Metro Manila/Greater Manila Area. Araw-araw, impyerno! I want to move to Baguio but it's a step backwards. Joey and I wanna move to Singapore so we gotta make that happen.

  4. The video was too adorable not to watch over and over!

  5. Nurses yes.

    Got hospitalized last week and the nurses were very kind to me and I can't imagine doing what they do. I would rather be a fast food service crew than a nurse.

  6. OMG ako rin. Like why wasn't I born in Madrid, UK, US, Japan etc???? I hate it when people say "reklamador mga pilipino" when they see a foreigner profess their love for our country. Hello! They have the means to live and actually ENJOY living in the Philippines. In short they have MONEY. Ugh. Haha