Friday's 10 Happy Things : 01

I'm trying to veer away from beauty reviews for a bit, so I decided to try my hands on doing the Friday's 10 Happy Things tag. It's hard to see the bright things in life when you don't like where you're in. But the least that I can do is try, so:

1. Albert Hammond Jr.'s releasing a new album this July! I've been crossing my fingers for another The Strokes album, but this will tide me over until that happens. I hated JC + The Voidz!!

2. Jetman Dubai. :O

3. Barcelona won against Bayern! We're heading to the CL finals! I like Bayern a lot, but the Cule in me couldn't help but rejoice :} And versus Juventus at that! Hahahahahahaha @ Real Madrid

4. Keiko (one of my dogs) jumping at me in excitement every time I get home ♥ 

5. I've wanted a long bob for ages, but had to resist because I wanted big bombshell curls for my cousin's wedding (I ended up putting my hair in a side bun anyway lol). Days after my cousin's wedding, I went to the salon and chopped most of my hair.

6. Found a new chic-lit series to read! I love trashy romance novels hahahaha

7. My uncle, who was confined at the ICU for 10 days, has already been transferred to a private room! He's getting better and better; and I'm happy to see him lucid again. We're all praying that he can come home soon. :)

8. The amount of toknenengs I get to eat whenever I go visit him (a lot; every day).

9. Php4.50 Bic pens at NBS.

10. It's the 2nd week of May; meaning we only have a couple weeks to go before summer is officially over!!!!!!!!!!!

What made you happy this week? :)

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    And glad your uncle is getting better! Hope he can come home before May ends. :)

    I want a long bob, too! I have photos of Anna Sophia Rob (basta si teenage Carrie haha) saved in my phone for peg but I'm still enjoying my current length. U LOOK KEUT!

  2. 5 and 10!!! Woohoo! Love your new-do! I want na rin tuloy. I also want Summer to end. I hate the weather so bad!