Friday's 10 Happy Things : 02

I'm only on my second week, and I'm already having a hard time trying to think of happy things to list down lels.

1. One has to hustle so: cupcakes (photo used above). A shameless plug: Facebook, Instagram. We do cupcakes, cakes & dessert bars! :D

2. I've recently got into eating Quinoa. I liked it cooked with lots of roasted garlic and chilli. Yummm. I don't miss rice at all.

3. Winning La Liga! Yesterday however, Xavi, one of my favorite players ever, announced that he's leaving the club by the end of the season. Everyone knew it was coming but D: still.

4. Sergi Roberto who is a cutie and not a jailbait pala.

5. My uncle is going to be discharged tomorrow!

6. Balmain x H&M! I hope it wouldn't be as disappointing like the Alexander Wang collab! That was shit tbh.

7. Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are expecting their first kid! Prior to this, I was still hoping that Adam Brody would end up getting back together with Rachel Bilson in the future hahaha pero sige na nga.

8. The one-eyed, stick thin stray cat I've been feeding for the past few months has gained a lot of weight. Can't see any his ribs anymore! (I feed him by throwing scraps from far away because I'm super scared of cats ahaha)

9. Passion fruit yogurt.

10. 5 for Php100 Korean Ice Cream at Shine Korea Supermarket!

Ditz Revolution



  1. 2. Want to try Quinoa too! 5. Nice to hear about your uncle! 10. I love Korean Ice cream!!! :-)

    Natawa ako sa sinabi mong di ka na makaisip ng Happy Things. Di ko rin nakumpleto yung 100 Happy Days tags eh.

    We need more happy pills! Happy Weekend, Romz!

    1. I found some at Robinson's Supermarket Php280 lang! Not bad!

      Ang hirap noh!! Haha Kakainis!

      Happy Weekend, too, Juvy! <3

  2. Those are really pretty cupcakes! OMG! I should be on diet, why why why.

  3. checked your photos and your cupcakes are SO CUTE! seriously. kung hindi lang malayo pinuntahan ko na ^^

  4. Yay for cupcakes! But boohoo for Xavi. I've (kind of) followed the team around during the FIFA season, and Xavi has always been my eyecandy (for his skills and his beautiful face)

    Also: I really wanna try quinoa, but (1) I'm not sure if I'll survive, (2) my parents do the grocery shopping at home and I don't think they'll even pick up the thing. ha ha ha