*First Impression: Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care

For the purpose of this review, I defied my doctor's order and used a different intimate wash from what she recommended hahahaha I've only used this once, so I'm not too sure if I'm the best judge for it. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, when it comes to skin care or body care, the French do it  best. I mean, it isn't the #1 personal hygiene product for 9 years in a row according to Beaute Test Awards for nothing!

Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care (Php159.75 / 100ml) is made in France, but brought here in the Philippines by Because Inc. As I've said, I religiously use another brand for my hooha, but since it's a "gentle wash" I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it anyway. It's formulated to be super gentle, and is specifically made to use daily.

For something that is "soap free, parabens free, colorant free," I was hoping that it's fragrance-free as well, but unfortunately it isn't. I don't have any issue with its smell - strong floral - but it may be off-putting to some.

As you can see in the photo above, the product is very, very watery. For some reasons, I expected it to have a thicker consistency. I don't know why this is so important that I just had to take a photo of it hahaha

It didn't give me rashes (thank goodness!), but I did felt a slight itchiness down there. I'm not too worried about it though, as it was only a mild discomfort anyway. That's the only drawback that I have experienced, so far. It did made me feel 'fresh' and clean after washing! (Is this TMI enough for you hahaha but come on, we're all grown ups here!)

*Product is sent for review



  1. You and Tellie have the same experience (itching). I wonder what it is that makes that happen. I'll pass and stick with lactacyd.

  2. I'm super anti-feminine washes because I believe a healthy vagina doesn't need it! I think they're just another product to make women feel more insecure about their vagina. =/