Nude please.

Oh to be tanned (well much more than I usually am) all year round ♥

I was in UP Town Center a couple of months ago, and I saw that the Suyen company has an outlet store inside the mall. One of the brands that they carry is The Face Shop, and most of the stuff that they have were at 50% off! One of the things that I bought was the The Face Shop Semi Matte Lipstick in BR801 - which I got at the ridiculously cheap price of Php199!

Fun fact: my first ever "grown-up" lipstick was from this line, too! Pretty sure the shade was BR802. The packaging was different then, but the formula's still the same! Creamy, kind of powdery finish, and matte!

BR801 is a shade of nude you cannot wear without any kind of eye makeup. Last time I wore a shade like this was probably in 2010 back when super pale nude lipsticks were all the rage. This shade is very similar to MAC Myth, Gosh Darling, etc. In short, it will wash you out. BR801 is a very pale, peachy-brown nude. If it didn't have any brown undertone, I doubt if it will suit my skin tone.

I've said this before, but pinks are hard for me to pull off, reds, I'm not comfortable wearing on a daily basis; but nudes, I know how to wear. Many people shy away from nudes because it has a tendency to make people look 'wash out'. But honestly, nudes are the easiest to wear, and can be very flattering on everyone. You just have to know the right shade that would fit your skin color; and know what kind of makeup look you can pair it with ♥

What's your go-to lipstick shade? :)



  1. I like nudes with a slight pink or coral shade. Nudes are really easy to wear esp. if people around you doesn't really care about makeup that much. (gets?) Hehe. I think my husband likes red or (darker) pink lipsticks more on me because I asked him once before while I'm wearing a nude lipstick, and he said it's as if I am not wearing anything. (which is really the purpose of nudes, diba?) Hehe.

  2. I... I don't know.. How did this happen? I wish I had the same natural talent for picking out nudes :(

  3. That shade is phenomenal on you -I'm envious! I can't pull off nudes at all.

  4. I'm currently on the quest to find the nude for me and I'm not quitting any time soon. I recently swapped my Mac Boca with Oxblood and the latter is indeed nude, although, I don't know if it suits me. I can't decide whether it looks good on me or not.

    I might just get a nude lipstick from the NARS Audacious line, but I won't dive to Raquel first. Maybe barbara muna or Anita.

  5. The color really suits you! Totally adore the look. ☺︎