How To Fix Shattered Pressed Powder(s)

Nothing worst than a smashing a perfectly good, working powder compact because of your carelessness.... Que horror.

I don't have the fund to just throw things away, so with Carina's post in my mind, here's what I did to my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder...

Things you will need:

- Your shattered powder makeup
- Wet wipes
- Isopropyl Alcohol - preferable one without fragrance
- Disposable spoon or spatula
- Ziploc bag
- One sheet of tissue paper
- A flat bottom (ie drinking glass, or what I used here: a pot of Innisfree mask)

First, I cleaned the empty compact with wet wipes doused with Isopropyl alcohol. Then, I collected the smashed powder, and transferred it into a Ziploc bag.

With the back of the spoon, I crushed the powder.. Although, after a few seconds, I did found it a lot easier to just crush it using my hands lol. I then transferred the powder back inside the compact.

I then mixed the crushed powder with alcohol - about 2 splashes full of it. I swirled it all around until it resembles a paste. Again with the back of the spoon, I flattened the powder, making sure to clean the edges of the compact whilst doing so. I know it doesn't look pretty right now -  we'll come to that in a while. :)

After doing that, I let it dry for a few hours. Semi-drying only took me an hour though, because it was scorching when I did this.

Once the products is just the slightest bit tacky, put a piece of tissue paper over it, and using your drinking glass (or any flat bottom product) put a little pressure on it by pushing it. This will absorb the excess alcohol left in the powder.

The flatness of the bottom of the drinking glass will help the powder resemble how it used to look before you broke it.

Let it dry overnight. Then ta-da! It's now ready to be used - though it doesn't look as pretty as before, I have to admit.

Do you fix your broken makeup or do you bin it? :)



  1. Replies
    1. LOL!!! Maybe break something that is cheap. :P

      This is a great idea, but maybe, I'll just smash it and work it as a loose powder. LOLs. :)

  2. This is great! Haha gaya gaya kay Rae but I kinda feel like breaking a few powders too just so I can do this lol