The Handbag Essentials

I'm your stereotypical girl - I love bags. I actually have three I'm currently rotating these past few weeks. One thing I don't like about it, is the hassle of having to haul all my things from my current bag to the next bag I'd be using. After doing this countless of times, I thought there must be an easier way to do this..

Enter: "handbag essentials pouch" - a proper term I totally made up hahaha I feel like fickle people like me needs a small pouch filled with your essentials - something that you can just grab from one bag, and pop inside another.

I got this transparent pouch from SM Department store. It's a nifty pouch that's about 3 inches in width. Not very big, yes, but it packs a lot. Here are my handbag essentials:

Make-up, Body & Hair care

1. Sachet samples are my favorite type of freebies. Here, I have a sample of the Kiehl's Creme de Corps (body moisturizer) and MaxFactor's Whipped Creme Foundation in Golden. For when my face gets hulas, or when my hands need some extra lovin', etc.
2. A hair tie with a couple of hair pins. Classic handbag must have.
3. Eyebrow pencil! For when I need to touch up, of course. Or when I didn't get to apply makeup before I left the house, at least I'd have the chance to draw my eyebrows on the go.
4. A sample vial of a perfume - this one's the DKNY Be Delicious. It's YUM.
5. Mini deodorant
6. Tweezers for those pesky stray brow hair.


1. For when I get a surprise visit, a napkin and a tampon (Playtex Sports is the most comfortable one I've tried! No leaks! The ones with the cardboard applicators are the worst!)
2. Medicines
3. Wet Wipes (or tissues)
4. Band-aids


1. For some reasons, I have a USB in there, too. I have no idea when I would actually use one, seeing as I'm not in college anymore (I can't say high school, because when I was in high school, we used floppy disks! #tbt moment hahaha)
2. Pen
3. This isn't something that I can actually put inside the pouch, but I can't live without a notebook inside my bag. Nope. I need something just in case I get orders when I'm out, or when an idea pops in my head, or when I just need to doodle out of boredom.

What are your handbag essentials? :)



  1. Mine would be: hand sanitizer, a small atomizer w/ perfume, the lip color I'm using that day, a pen, index cards, my phone cable. :)

  2. Waaah. Floppy Disks tapos laging may virus. Haha.

    1. Floppy disks na malaglag lang once, malfunction na agad. :))

  3. I have sample sachets in a pouch that I take everywhere with me. I call it my 'emergency moisturizer kit', and of course my friends laugh at me for having hydration 'emergencies'. :p