NEW! Tom Ford Matte Lip Color in Velvet Cherry

I didn't know when writing became a chore for me. I used to regularly blog ever since I was in second year high school (10 years ago - HELLO!). I'm not quite sure what's happening (burnout, writer's block, etc) but I hope it goes away soon. I'd like to get my groove*~ back, you know?

For now, let me try to at least write a little something about my newest favorite: the Tom Ford Matte Lipstick in Velvet Cherry ($50).

Why yes, 'makeup no buy' is still happening - but when faced with a new matte lipstick range? Sorry, no second thinking needed hahaha Anyway, the lipstick comes in the classic Tom Ford lipstick bullet - dark brown case with gold detailing. It has quite the heft to it, but seriously nothing troublesome. It's very, very luxurious. I'm pretty sure 60% of the price I paid went to the packaging cost :P

Velvet Cherry is a gorgeous deep oxblood color with both brown and berry undertone. Velvet Cherry is the perfect fall color, and it's definitely something you'd want to pick up if you're a fan of vampy lipsticks.

I have tried a lot of matte lipstick from brands ranging from the drugstore to the more high-end ones (Burberry Lip Velvet being a firm favorite), but the the Tom Ford matte lipstick formula blew the others out of the water.

This sucker last for a very long time - in fact, it lasted all, excuse my french, fucking day on me. The color did eventually fade, of course, but it stains like a mofo. I LOVE IT. Definitely worth its high price tag.

Here's a little comparison of Velvet Cherry to some of my fall-worthy lipsticks: Wet n Wild Cherrybomb is darker, and has a lot more berry to it compared to Velvet Cherry. My absolute favorite, MAC Deeply Adored is the closest, but it's just a tad bit brighter. While MAC Viva Glam III has a lot more brown to it.

I did a full first impression of this on my Youtube channel, if you want to see it:

Are you planning on picking up something from this line? :)



  1. Ooh! This shade is PERFECT for you! And from the pictures it looks really comfortable on your that weird?

    I've been eyeing Burberry Lip Velvet in Hawthorn Berry and it looks like it's similar in coloring and tone, and a little more suitable to my price range. Just cannot even think of spending $50 on a lipstick right now, but fine, I shall pine for yours! Great buy!

  2. Red+Brown+Berry= I will like it.

    PS Ang solid talaga ng MAC matte, looks so even and pigmented

  3. Ahhh! I actually thought that I could pass up on this because I didn't like any of the shades based on the swatches that I saw online (on the fence about First Time, though). But you, you just made me want to buy this shade. Gaaaah, huhuhu whyyyy life lol. It looks so great on you!! <3

  4. I love that shade. Gonna be on the look out for it :)

  5. Gorgeous! The packaging is so luxe and the colour suits you so well <3 xxx

  6. What a temptress!!! Ang ganda! :) Will think about this thoroughly haha. I wanna get Velvet Cherry rin ever.

  7. It looks so beautiful on you. I've been searching for swatches online pero the others pull too dark. Velvet Cherry is going back on my list, thank you!

  8. This looks so rich and pretty on you! And yes, it is the perfect fall shade. <3