First Impressions: 3W Clinic Powder / Palgantong Powder

This is originally my cousin's, but she forgot to pack this when she left for Canada... so, dibs! :D I like a good setting powder - mainly because I don't normally touch up my makeup when I'm out. I just bring a pack of brown tissues - like the tissues found at Starbucks! - with me which I use to blot my face when I get oily.

Solves everything. But wouldn't it be better if I don't have to touch up at all?

This powder came to me at a great time - it's super hot and humid currently in the country, and my makeup just melts off my face after a few hours. The 3W Clinic Powder is commonly used for stage makeup because it can withstand the heat of studio lights, and it's also apparently very long-lasting.

I have this in the shade #23, and it is very, very pink. I thought it would clash with my very, very yellow skin, but it's doesn't, fortunately. It actually goes pretty translucent once blended in the skin. My face feels incredibly smooth and soft after applying it, but one downside that I immediately saw was it clings on dry patches on my face.

(Before | After)

I picked the L'oreal Lucent Magique Foundation to try this setting powder because it's the foundation I have that last the least on me. I don't know if you can see it clearly, but on the after shot, my face was oily like hell.

My face was so greasy, I had to wipe off all my makeup while inside the car because it was aggravating me so badly. My face was looking rough, too! I had it on just under 5 hours, and I honestly, I never felt that bad before. I was wondering though, if it's because of the foundation I had on, and not the powder? Or maybe because of the weather?

Have you ever tried this particular powder before? I would love to know your opinions about this!

Any good face powder recommendations? :)



  1. I wonder what's your opinion on Ben Nye. I have banana, the powder looks 'rough' on some people too, but I like it esp once it mixes with my oils. Glad they have new shades now.

    1. I tried on my hand, and I find it 'softer' than this. Does it keep you matte all day? :D

    2. Nope. But I apply it very sheerly, just enough to cancel out the ashiness of sunblock or to correct the tone of foundations that are not yellow enough.

      It won't do that much for Lucent Magique, but that foundation is really wet, so maybe you're right.

      Ben Nye Banana + Shiseido Sun Protection Stick gets me the most compliments.

    3. I like Ben Nye. Even though I have dry skin I oil up pretty terribly with cream foundation. When I set with Ben Nye, I'm drier for longer periods of time. But you have to really buff it out because the fineness makes it so easy to overdo it.

  2. I like the Ben Nye Banana and Transluscent powder. They set and melt beautifully. Also, the Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder is one the best that I have tried too. The Catrice All Matt Shine Control powder has good reviews but I haven't tried it yet.

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  4. Hi! I had the same problem before. My face would get oily just after 4 hours, even less when it's summer in Manila. I've learned it's a matter of combining products to keep the shine away rather than relying on just a face powder. For now, I'm using Purely Cosmetics Oil Absorb Powder and the Diamond Finishing Powder. Hope that helps. :)

  5. I'm pretty sure it was the makeup + weather? Or just the foundation with that particular powder. Or just the foundation. HAHA. I have the same powder and I LOVE IT TO BITS. :)