Brush Cleaning Essentials

I really fancy the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner (P428) because it's such a fuss-free way to clean your brushes. Put some of the cleaner on your palm, swirl your damp brush in it, rinse, aaand done. It's so easy that I actually enjoy washing my brushes whenever I use this product. But, I just can't justify the price for the amount of time I wash my brushes (once or twice a week). I'm a cheapskate, sorry not sorry.

Enter: Johnson's Baby Shampoo which I use alternately with the Etude cleaner. It's cheap at less than a hundred pesos, and it lasts forever. I have this tiny bottle close to a year already, and I still have a quarter of it left! It's great - and it makes my brushes feel softer, if that's even possible.

But the most important bit when it comes to cleaning my brushes is an ultra-absorbent towel to lay my brushes on after cleaning it. I got this one from a local store called Bench - for like, P120 for 3 hand towels, I believe. My brushes dry incredibly fast whenever I use this towel! I usually clean my brushes at night, and when I need to apply my face on in the morning, all my brushes are ready to be used again.

I used to use tissues, but what a waste that was!

What's your brush cleaning secret? :)



  1. Me too! I use that baby shampoo for my makeup brushes! I also use it for my oily eyelids/eyelashes. Hihi.

  2. I also use the Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner to deep clean my brushes! I love that it melts the foundation/stains in an instant. I am also using the Koren Zander soap sometimes. Both products are my go-to cleaners. For spot cleaning, I am currently using the J&C spray. :)

    1. I really should find a spot cleaning product! Haha What does J&C stands for? :D

  3. Johnson's baby shampoo! That thing is awesome. I even like it better than the more expensive liquid castile soaps.

  4. I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo too! Like what Rae said, that thing is AWESOME!

  5. Etude House brush cleaner exists?! I had no idea! I've been using a mild cocoa butter body wash that seems to be working just fine. The brushes end up soft afterwards.