Sample Test: Benefit They're Real Mascara

I know, I know, the Benefit They're Real Mascara has been out for the longest time... And yes, I know they already have an eyeliner and makeup remover from the same line out in the market today. But, hey I just recently opened my free sample, so...... here you go ;)

The brush is ahh-mazing. The brush is made of tiny plastic bristles, with a tiny ball-like shaped brush head to allow precise application even in the most inner part of your lashes. I don't use the "head" for that because I think it messes the whole thing up. It smears everywhere. Or maybe that's just me being totally clumsy.

I do find that the brush head is better to be used for the bottom lashes because it coats every single lashes with not much of a problem! I said "not much" because it still smudge.. a lot.

But what do I like about it?

  • Volume, volume, volume! Crazy how it looks like I'm wearing false lashes, no?
  • The brush! Definitely the best thing about this mascara (yep, not the formula)
  • I really love how intense the pigmentation of this mascara! It's just super duper black.
  • Easy to remove! Bioderma, Bifesta, Pond's Cold Cream - no problem! No tugging, no excessive scrubbing needed.

What do I don't?

  • It takes so long to dry that it has the tendency to smudge like crazy whenever I blink!
  • My curls go really limp after a few minutes! 
  • Two coats of it gives me crazy, spider lashes. Gross.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? :)



  1. I quite like what this did for my lashes, but it stung my eyes so badly so I can't wear it :( xx

    1. Aww, that's a shame! I've never noticed any stinging on my part though!

  2. Liked it at first but then it flaked like crazy on me, but I agree—it's too wet! Plus, I kept poking myself with the wand. D:

    1. Did you have the full size of this? The brush on mine is teeny tiny! :P

  3. I was really wanting to try this product, although I'm not sure about the spider lashes!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. I wasn't too impressed with this - I'm sure there's lots of mascaras out there better (and cheaper) than this!

  4. Really great photos and you look stunning!

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  6. This is actually one of my fave mascaras ever! It does straighten my curl, so I have to apply a waterproof mascara first and then apply this one. I actually don't mind clumpy lashes haha

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity