5 Product Face: Drugstore Edition

5 Product Face... here we go again.

For my base, I chose Revlon Whipped Foundation in Warm Golden. It's currently the only drugstore foundation I have in my stash that stays put without the help of a primer and/or powder.

My eyebrows were drawn using The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow in 03 Brown - my favorite! If I wasn't too wary when it comes to using pencil products on my eyebrows, I'd use this every single day. But alas, apparently, brow pencil can cause brow hair to fall out (please clarify if I'm wrong?). So, I only get to use brow pencils for extra, extra lazy days.

I recently picked up ELF St. Lucia Contour/Blush Kit (among other things...) while idly browsing through the SM Department Store. I blame my mother for taking far too long at Watsons. The contour shade is a little too dark, almost too muddy for me, but blending it vigorously works. The blush color is nothing special - the color is a little washed out on the photo above, but it's a muted pink with hints of shimmers. It's really pretty on the pan, but looks meh on me... as is with any pink blush I try.

And lastly, I rediscovered a lipstick shade that I haven't used in a looong time. Looking at it now makes me wonder why I had it pushed at the back of my drawer. I have completely forgotten how pretty Revlon Teak Rose is. Rose-y, pinky, reddish... absolutely gorgeous for days where I want to look a little more put together.

What's your 5 product face? :)



  1. I love your strong brows, and the lipstick shade is gorge! :D

  2. Thanks Juvy! :) I LOVE strong brows! This is one of the few attempts of mine to tame it down actually haha! :)

  3. Great brows hun! I love a bold (almost bushy) brow...I try to fake it since my skinny minnie's just ain't cuttin' it nowadays! lol...Great review!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. drugstore product looks more appealing to me. thanks for sharing!


  5. I must try Style My Brow! I love the Designing Brow Cake from The Face Shop x

  6. Oh, my favorites from the drugstore are the Maybelline ones! Absolutelly love all the lipsticks! Also the cream eyeshadow's are amazing. I have a green one and a champagne color that can be used as an eyeshadow primer, and an illuminator. Not to mention the amazing mascara lines. You definetely don't need to go bankrupt to achieve a good look.

    Gabi Barbará

  7. Gorgeous! I'm inggit you don't need to powder! I have the cream version of your elf duo and while I love the colors, the staying power is zero! it disappears as soon as I leave the house.