#NoFilter: a skincare routine

This is my face without any makeup on. A far cry from this, don't you think?

My favorite, holy grail makeup remover is Bioderma. This is the gentlest makeup remover ever, even more than Bifesta (and I find that one quite gentle enough as it is). This is my 4th bottle of this, and I just can't get enough of it. I hoard it like no other when I go to HK (or when some family/friends go) - you should, too!

I'm on the fence about the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Black Head Out Balm. Every time I use this together with a blackhead extraction.. thing (stick? tool?), I get tons of blackheads out of my nose I kid you not. It's gross. But then, I can't help but think that it's just a placebo effect - that I can get out the same amount of blackheads without it.

The other product I love from the Jeju Volcanic line is the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I have it in the soft variant - which is actually targeted for dry-normal skin (versus the "hard" one that is for oily-troubled skin) - and I loooove this stuff. L O V E. Whenever I feel like a zit is going to come through my face, I use this at night, and when I wake up the next day, my face feels so soft and smooth and refreshed.

Another Innisfree line that I love is their Jejubija line which is their line for troubled skin line. I use the Jejubija Anti-trouble Facial Foam and the Jejubija Anti-trouble Lotion together because they're amazing. I think I would mostly credit these two products for how my skin looks today. It just works. The facial wash makes my skin feel thoroughly clean; the tingly feeling afterwards is a plus.

However, I love the moisturizer best because it's mostly water, I think, so it's incredibly light but moisturizing enough. It also sinks into my skin quickly, and doesn't feel tacky.

I use a different facial wash at night - right now, I've been using the Nature Republic Creamy Milk Foam Cleanser. This one smells exactly like newborn babies lol I love it.

Right now, these products work for me. It works exponentially well that I don't want to change anything to my routine because I'm afraid I'd break out again. But seriously though, who knew Korean skincare would work for me? So random.

* Though it may look like it, this post is NOT sponsored by Innisfree.



  1. Yay, I am sooo happy for you. It may not look it right now on my recent photos but I did go through an acne phase. I would classify mine mild-to-moderate. And when I found the routine that worked, I never changed it exponentially every since.

  2. @Rae: I agree! I can't stray away from this routine either since it's been working soooo well for me! High five to us for actually finding products that works! :D