Lip Product Addict Tag

1. Favorite balm/treatment?

Vaseline Lip Therapy is not my favorite lip balm, but it's the only one in my stash, currently. It's okay. It does keep my lips soft and helps heal chapped lips, but it's... petroleum jelly. Nothing special there. My favorite lip treatment is still the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm because it's super moisturizing, doesn't feel heavy on the lips and priced considerably.

I also really love the Stila Color Balm Lipstick (pictured here is the shade Sonya), which is technically a lip balm-lipstick hybrid.

2. Best eye-catching red?

MAC Russian Red, of course. Nothing screams red like this shade. Second one would probably be MAC Deeply Adored because gorgeous.

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

Luxury: Burberry Lip Velvet, hands down. I'm hoping to collect every shade from the line! As of now, I have 2 out of the 12 shades available? Haha! Givenchy Le Rouge is a runner-up.

Drugstore: Revlon lipsticks! Revlon can do no wrong - their lipsticks are really worth the money. :)

4. Best MAC lipstick?

Definitely MAC Faux which is a pretty soft, pale pink. It's such an easy lip color to wear for when you don't know what to slap on your lips because it pairs perfectly with any makeup look! :) I would have chosen MAC Cherish - my favorite nude - but it spoils so easily?! I had mine for only 6 months before it went bad! Blegh.

5. The most disappointing?

Shiseido Rouge Lacquer. I wrote a long post about it here. The color is so pretty, but the formula is nothing good.

6. Liner - yes or no?

7. Best gloss?

Eh. I hate lip gloss, so....

8. Something extra!

Bright lips for the gloomy weather!

Summer is officially over in this part of the world, so what better way to spice up gloomy days than to wear bright, bold lips?

(From left-right) Sephora Color Lip Last in Royal Raspberry, Topshop Brighton Rock, Wet n Wild Smokin' Hot Pink, Chanel La Favorite and Tony Moly Prestige Carat Lipstick in Muse Coral.

Have you done this post yet?
I'd love to know your answers to the questions! :)



  1. Yay! I'm doing this tag :D I realized, we don't have a lot of the same lipstick shades/ brands.

  2. I'm so happy you blogged again ad about lip products at that!! Would love to do this if I have the time na :)

    Missed you Romzzzz, you still owe (OWE talaga?!) us cookies! Hehe

  3. @Shari: Cross fingers I can blog more! And please do this tag! So excited to read your answers <3 Yeees to the cookies! Let's meet minsan if we can! :)

  4. Hey Romila! This is such a fun tag, pretty interesting to see your collection and "lipstick philosophy" all in one post. I resonate most with your Shiseido comment. I have always hated the formulation of all their lip products: ang goopy goopy and they make my lip skin shed so much.