What's In My Bag v 2014

(I feel like a jackass for posting this super mediocre post after being gone for a month, but all the rest of my photos are still on SD card - and I haven't gotten a new card reader yet. :( So sorry, will make it up to you?)

I love this bag. It looks absolutely similar to the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC which I've been coveting since 2 years ago! That one costs 195USD, and I just can't get make myself spend that much on a bag. Not yet anyway. Maybe I'll splurge on a 'high-end' bag someday. When I can actually tell myself that I deserve it. But for now, this bag would do! I got this from Cotton On last December for just Php1200 (or maybe less than Php1000. I forget). 1/8th the price of a Mini MAC! Good enough for me. :)

  1. Apple iPhone earphones - this one's the old version, and is already`` 2 years old. Surprisingly, it's holding up really well!
  2. Forever 21 cat mirror! It says, "are you kitten me right meow" on the front lol ♥
  3. MAC Captive - a super underrated shade! Honestly, if you like muted plum shades, you should get this one.
  4. Ballpen. I have a pocket size notebook, too.
  5. Watsons Mini Wet Wipes
  6. Nichido Gel Liner - I'm not really sure why I have this here haha
  7. Maybelline Baby Lips which S U C K S & that's that.
  8. Another Rebecca Minkoff inspired pouch; also from Cotton On. This serves as my wallet because the long one that I usually use is too big for this bag
  9. Michael Kors Rose Gold watch. It's inside my bag because I had the battery changed.
  10. Burberry Pink Apricot - my go-to lipstick. Love this one FOREVER.
  11. Medicine Kit because I'm paranoid
  12. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer. This one smells like berries, and it's terrible. I do love the graphics, though.
  13. Maybelline Fit Me powder for touch ups
  14. & my keys! :)
One year ago, you will never make me give up my big bags.. but I'm really liking being a 'minimalist' of a sort. Smaller bags make it a lot easier for me to fight the urge to cram it full of useless things (ie three hundred thousand lipsticks and blushes that I couldn't possibly use to touch up). It's also easier on the shoulder ;)

And of course Keiko just can't pass up the chance to get his photograph taken, so...there you go.