Burberry Light Glow Blush in Blossom

...yes, Blossom!! As in the Blossom I thought was being discontinued by Burberry! I got it while I was in Taipei a month ago, and they have every single blush shade in stock ♥ I went inside the store originally in search for the Lip Velvet in Bright Poppy, but they don't have the Lip Velvet range in stock yet.

Dejectedly, I was literally about to walk out of the store, when I passed by their blush testers... Then I saw Blossom, and my heart kind of maybe skipped a beat. I was actually pretty surprised to find that they have it in stock so I hurriedly told the SA to 'uhm, so yeah... I guess I'll just take this instead' without trying it on. Who cares if the color won't suit me, I've been wanting this shade for ages looooooooool I thought I've matured....

I guess not so much.

(They also restocked their whole makeup line on the Burberry website, so all's cool now I guess)

(Sorry not sorry for the huge photo but sorry for the massive zit UGH)

Burberry Light Glow Blush in Blossom (1500NTD / Php2230) is my first pink blush in years. 5 years, to be exact. I just gravitate towards peach & apricot colors more, and tend to overlook any other shades in any blush line. Guess I've been doing it wrong my whole life because holy crap, Blossom looks great on tanned skin (ie mine hehe)!

Temptalia described this shade as "coral-orange–there is the merest hint of pink in the background" but it seemed the opposite to me. This gives me a really nice hint of pink flush - with no traces of peach at all.

With absolutely no surprises, this blush is so pigmented that not only do I tap my blush brush on the pan very, very lightly - I also have to tap it on the side of the blush pan to get rid of any powder excess on my brush! It stays put pretty much the whole day, too! :)

Have you tried any great blush lately? :)



  1. you look naturally flushed!! that's a really great colour on you and your base is simply perfect!

  2. Kainis. Gurl, you resurrected my lemming for this. Been waiting for it to be restocked on Nordstrom and when it finally wasn't in backorder - I forgot about it na. BOO! Now I want it again HAHA .