Daytime look with Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye

I think I have the case of a really bad blogging burnout. Or to be more precise, makeup blogging burnout. Don't get me wrong, I still love buying new cosmetics and trying it out.. I'm just not really in the mood to write about it. Blegh. I hope this phase ends soon. Anyway, I'm trying to put up another blog which would be solely for travel posts. Watch out for that one, I guess? Hopefully once that goes up, I'd feel much inspired to actually write again.

Anyway, I have luckily gotten the Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye ($16 / Php850 locally) last Christmas. I didn't even realize the entire Holiday collection was available locally, so I was surprised when I opened my gift to find this baby.

I think NARS & UD have spoiled me so much that my expectations for eyeshadow has gotten a little bit higher. These Stila shows are, admittedly, not as pigmented as I was expecting it to be. Although these Stila shadows are not as buttery as the ones in the UD Naked palette, it's still such a pleasure to use over a good eye primer. They're also not as bright and metallic as the UD Naked one - but because of that, I think this is the perfect daytime palette.

Parchment is your bog standard white matte shadow, Organza is a gorgeous shimmery coral bronze shade, Vintage is a nice coppery brown color, Linen is a stark bright cool-toned champagne shade, Antique is a pretty pinky-bronze color.

Rosewood is my absolute favorite shade from this palette - it's not just brown per se, the shade is a little more complex than that. It's in between a dark brown, taupe, and quite maroon - and it's beautiful. It's a bit 'dry' compared to the other colors in this palette, but I feel like most matte shadows are like that when you swatch it anyway. When applied on the eyes using a proper brush, it blends like a dream.

I used: Organza on my lid, Vintage on the crease, Rosewood on the outer v, Parchment on the browbone. While the shadows doesn't last as long even with the best of the best-est eye primer, it held up enough for the daytime.

I'm not sure if Stila will stock this again, but you can check out the Stila Portrait of a Perfect Eye here.

Have you tried any of Stila's eye palettes? :)



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