Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #27

I always end up disappointed whenever I try Korean BB Creams, so I was quite hesitant to purchase another one. But the force is rather strong on this one.... seriously, I researched for hours before I took the plunge and bought it. I didn't expect much from it, but surprisingly, I ended up loving it.

The Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream retails for Php799/20ml - pretty expensive considering online sellers sell the 50ml version for Php800. I did remember reading that this particular shade isn't sold in Korea, so that probably explains why the price is so steep. Anyway, technically it isn't as expensive than most of the foundations I buy, so hooray?

I live in this flannel these days... SO COMFY. It's from Forever 21

Most Korean BB Creams that I have tried are targeted for very fair skin so most of them are either too light or too grey on me. Shade 27 of the Missha Perfect Cover is, however, the perfect match for NC30-35. It's rare to find one that has a warm, yellow undertone so you bet I was ecstatic when the shade blended perfectly on my skin! This BB Cream is very forgiving - applying evenly without streaking, so I only use my fingers to apply this. It has a medium but buildable coverage.

This has a matte finish - despite that though, I wasn't very convince that it would last on me because all foundation I've tried it only end up holding up until 5 hours maximum (and that's with a finishing powder!) But this one stayed matte until the very end of the day.. without any powder! The wear time really impressed me! I wore this out while I was doing a relief operation one day, but I have to admit, my face was an oily mess afterwards. To be fair, we were repacking goods in an opened gymnasium..

The Perfect Cover BB Cream has an SPF of 42, so please don't use it when you know there's a chance that you'll encounter flash photography because this will give you that dreaded white cast. It looks great when worn during the day, however! :)

Any favorite BB Cream? :)



  1. i never really got into bb creams and never found a good one for me. friends always tell me that the ones from asian countries are the best and i really want to try one.


  2. This was the first BB cream I ever tried and I don't think I need to try anything else in the near future! Recently I bought a "volumer" to mix in with the BB cream so I get a bit of dewy finish. It thins out the BB cream and makes it so easy to apply :)

  3. @Elena: I hope you'll be able to try some in the future! They're actually pretty darn good (especially if you're fair - shade wise)!

  4. @Janice: I never knew a volumer exists! I need to try one! Any suggestions? :)