Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo (or the story of my 2-day unwashed hair)


Pardon the ridiculously annoying stock photo - I've already transferred heck of a lot of photos from my camera to my Macbook before I realized that I have not, in fact, took photos of the actual bottle itself. Hi, I'm pretty stupid today. Sorry.

Anyway, I saw Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo ($6.28 in Duty Free) being sold at Duty Free Fiesta Mall, so I hurriedly bought a couple of bottles (because I'm a dry shampoo fiend; also: I hate washing my hair....... sometimes) I've never tried this certain brand of dry shampoo before, but the Dove Refresh+Care Dry Shampoo has been reviewed by a lot of UK bloggers so I figured it has to be good right?

Before (L O L gross)

After (look this is my I miiight have kind of washed my hair! ..maybe. photo)

Okay, so.. I like it. To be honest, there's really nothing that would set this dry shampoo apart from all the other dry shampoos I've tried. But I still like it. It does everything that a dry shampoo should do:
  • get rid of unwanted oils on my hair
  • doesn't leave white/gray residue
  • gives my hair volume
  • make my hair actually look like it has been washed
& that's enough for me. I'm easy to please dry shampoo wise. I used this when we did a relief operation early in the morning, and my Mom only gave us 10 minutes to get ready (uhm, thanks). Pretty pleased to note that it held up well the whole day - my hair looks and feels like it has been washed super thoroughly. Ahhh dry shampoos, you are my favorite thing in the world.

BUT THE SMELL. Ugh. So strong, so floral, so, so fucking annoying. Pardon the cuss word (tbf, I swear a lot in real life). I get that Dry Shampoos should be scented because duh, unwashed hair is smelly. Of sweat and oil and is kind of really gross. But seriously? The Dove Refresh+Care takes the word "scented" to a whole another level. Yes, I did not wash my hair, but I'd rather it not smell of cheap air fresheners, thanks very much.

Again, I like it but I don't care much for it. Between all the Dry Shampoo brands that I have tried, Batiste is still my favorite. ♥ Cheap, smells sooooo good and works extremely well!

What's your favorite dry shampoo brand? :)



  1. Wow it does look like it has worked really well and blended in so nicely! I like the classic batiste dry shampoo the best. I'm currently using a l'oreal version but it's the same thing with the smell! SO strong! And the texture is kind of odd!

    sundays grace blog

  2. @Carly: I love the Batiste blush one! Smells so good! :) Ahh thanks for the tip! I'm definitely not going to buy the L'oreal one!

  3. Cheap air fresheners? HAha I think all dry shampoos smell this way. I really hate washing my hair, but I have too, I would love to find a dry shampoo I actually like!

    Ineffable Beauty

  4. Using Jonathan's dry shampoo. It doesn't smell like anything and it comes tinted.

    It's not as easy to dispense though (through a brush)